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Advanced Review: Negative Space #1

Writer: Owen Gieni

Artist: Ryan K. Lindsay

On sale July 8, FOC June 15

What if you felt that the world was falling apart around you? What if it was being taken apart without you knowing? What if you didn’t know that with you being alive ensured the survival of the human race? All this, and you’re just trying to find your place in the world. And a weird creature being monitored by a highly advanced agency tracking your every move.

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Review: Legenderry Vampirella #4

Story: David Avallone
Art: David T. Cabrera (art), Robby Bevard (colours) and Dave Lanphear (letters)

The Basics:

This series picks up from the world that writer Bill Willingham created in his 7-issue mini series Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure, in which he re-imagined heroes and villains we know (largely from older, pulpier favourites) and built a steampunk world out of whole cloth. Continue reading Review: Legenderry Vampirella #4

Review: Kaijumax #1

The good folks at Oni Press have, in my experience, the ability to pick up some of the most unusual and quirky comic titles to add to their catalogue and Kaijumax most definitely fits comfortably in that category. Have you ever wondered what a Kaiju (Monster) super-max-prison would look like? And how would this already out-there concept look rendered in bright, primary colours and a very cartoonish style? Well look no further because that’s more or less what you’ll find in this comic. The question as always is: how good is it?

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Advanced Review: Ivar, Timewalker #1

IVAR_001_009When Valiant first burst back into the comics scene a few years ago, they put out a slew of great titles. My favorite of the new Valiant books was Archer and Armstrong. It was smart, funny, and action packed. Basically, it was everything I liked in a comic book. So imagine my joy today when I got to read an advance review copy of Ivar, Timewalker #1, a book rooted deeply in the Archer and Armstrong mythology and created by the same great team. So is the greatness of the former series passed on to Ivar, Timewalker, or does this new series crash and fail? For the most part, I would say we are looking towards a bright future with this book, time travel puns not intended… Well maybe a little attended. Check out our preview here!

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