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Deliver Us From Evil – My Full Review by Lawrence of America

Deliver Us From Evil is a wonderful balance between action and horror.  While it does have some of the jump out at you and startle you moments.  The movie does not rely heavily on cheap scare tactics.  It slowly sets the mood while telling the story from the point of view of a non believer that slow turns in to a believer.

Not only is this movie a good scary movie it is also a good action movie.  The movie follows a detective trying to find the link between a series of seemingly random acts of violence.  Each time the case leads him to a more disturbing explainable event.

 OVERALL – If your in the mood for a scary movie this movie is worth at least a matinee ticket.  If not in the scary movie mood keep it in mind for as a must rent come Halloween.  (IMHO: it should of been released in October.)

Synopsis – “In DELIVER US FROM EVIL, New York police officer Ralph Sarchie (Eric Bana), struggling with his own personal issues, begins investigating a series of disturbing and inexplicable crimes. He joins forces with an unconventional priest (Edgar Ramirez), schooled in the rituals of exorcism, to combat the frightening and demonic possessions that are terrorizing their city. Based upon the book, which details Sarchie’s bone-chilling real-life cases.” –  Written by Sony Pictures Entertainment

22 Jump Street – Review by Lawrence of America

So i have just seen 22 Jump Street and whats the verdict you ask?

Overall its a RENTAL/MATINEE – but also an ok date night option (don’t worry it doesn’t matter if you have seen the first one)

While it was indeed funny but not so funny that everybody will talking about it around the water cooler.  Unfortunately like most comedy s you don’t gain anything  by seeing it on the silver screen.  It would be just as funny at home, and maybe even funnier depending on your recreational habits.

All that being said the plot was so so and the humor was fairly safe and was not overly offensive.  Its Rated R, but barely, I suspect it could of been PG-13 if they wanted to be.  The movie is labeled an action comedy but lets keep it real and call it a comedy with some action on the side.  I would suggest waiting till it comes out on DVD and rent it.  Now that I’ve seen it once I Doubt I’ll be compelled to see it again.


“After making their way through high school (twice), big changes are in store for officers Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) when they go deep undercover at a local college. But when Jenko meets a kindred spirit on the football team, and Schmidt infiltrates the bohemian art major scene, they begin to question their partnership. Now they don’t have to just crack the case – they have to figure out if they can have a mature relationship. If these two overgrown adolescents can grow from freshmen into real men, college might be the best thing that ever happened to them.” – Written by Sony Pictures Entertainment