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DC Weekly: 12/10/14

Welcome back, folks! Well that didn’t take long. Future’s End went from being pretty bad, to decently good almost to the point of great, all the way back to being terrible in the span of a month. Man, what a fun roll coaster of a ride it has been and I can’t wait to get into it below.

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In Brightest Day: 12/10/14

Welcome back to the second edition of In Brightest Day, the one article where I talk about and review all things Green Lantern that goes on every week. As you may or may not have known, the entire Lantern franchise, five books in total, are currently involved in a super large crossover event entitled Godhead where all the Lanterns from the various corps face off against the New Gods of New Genesis. Last week, we began the beginning of the end of the crossover with a surprisingly funny Green Lantern #37 and continue to march are way towards the finale this week in Green Lantern Corps #37. Continue reading In Brightest Day: 12/10/14