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Review: ‘The 100’ Episode 2.14 “Bodyguard of Lies”


First, let’s briefly recap last week’s episode (Episode 2.13 “Resurrection”) :

The aftermath of missile leaves Clarke feeling a bit guilty (Abby doesn’t help matters). Marcus gets stuck underneath piles of rubble, but is saved by Abby and Octavia. Jasper’s group prepares to defend the floor of Mt. Weather they have taken over. Cage has too many men and weapons, but the group manages to escape thanks to Bellamy. Maya’s dad and other opposing Cage help hide them for the time being. By the end of the episode Abby realizes that it was too harsh to judge her daughter when being on the council has lead to similar hard decisions. Indra reconciles with Lincoln. Clarke is told by Abby to not “forget that we’re the good guys.” Continue reading Review: ‘The 100’ Episode 2.14 “Bodyguard of Lies”

Review: ‘The Walking Dead” Episode 5.11 “The Distance”

**SPOILER ALERT** We recapped this a couple days late, so you should have already watched the show. Seriously.

In this week’s episode the group reacts to the suspiciously clean Aaron, who emerged out of the woods to startle Sasha and Maggie. He is as charming as the Governor without seeming too condescending. He tells them he understands why they don’t trust them, but shows them pictures of his community and tells them he wants them to “audition” for membership. Rick punches Aaron because he has apparently forgotten how to say “no thanks.” I get it; it is hard to trust anyone in this world especially since they have already faced some nasty people. Its possible that Aaron could be just another Governor, Gareth, or Dawn. Continue reading Review: ‘The Walking Dead” Episode 5.11 “The Distance”

Review: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 5.10 “Them”

**SPOILER ALERT** Not much happened this week, but still.

Not a whole lot happened this week, but there is much to discuss. The show was a little slow paced, but that doesn’t mean that the group is out of danger. They are put in the very real situation of being emotional drained, weak, and hungry. It also doesn’t help that they don’t really have a definite place to push forward to. Continue reading Review: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 5.10 “Them”

Review: ‘Scandal’ Episode 4.11 “Where’s the Black Lady?”

**Spoiler Alert** Don’t read this unless you like ruining everything for yourself.

Last week’s episode proved that Olivia Pope can hold her own, but the realization that she may never get out has left her feeling hopeless. This week we get to see what everyone in the Scandal universe, including Olivia, is willing to do for her safe return. Continue reading Review: ‘Scandal’ Episode 4.11 “Where’s the Black Lady?”

Review: ‘Scandal’ Episode 4.10 “Run”

*Spoiler Alert* If you haven’t seen Thursday night’s episode than you are really behind!

 Scandal is back! No more waiting!  No more frustration from all the waiting! We finally get to see where the f*** Olivia is and who had the nerve to take her. The last we saw of her she was celebrating her freedom. (Dancing around, drinking some wine, contemplating having sex on a piano with Jake.) She decides that she doesn’t give a damn and that she will live her life the way she chooses. Now Papa Pope free, she is choosing herself over the men in her life, but that doesn’t mean she never wants to see them again. She wants everything, dammit, and if anyone deserves it, it is Olivia Pope. While Jake goes to get a blanket for all the piano sex, she disappears. There are some signs of struggle like the door left open and Olivia’s wine glass spilled on the couch. OLIVIA WOULD NEVER SPILL HER WINE! Continue reading Review: ‘Scandal’ Episode 4.10 “Run”

Review: ‘The 100’ Episode 2.10 “Survival of the Fittest”

**Spoilers** If you haven’t watch Wednesday’s The 100, read at your own risk!

In latest episode, everyone has separated from the group, as they try to find the best solution to save their people in Mt. Weather. Bellamy and Lincoln make a plan to infiltrate the underground civilization using Lincoln’s past as a Reaper. Marcus and Indra try their best to work together while they train their respective warriors. Clarke strategizes with Lexa on the best battle plan, but has issues with an objective Grounder. For this week’s summary, I break storyline into separate sections. Why? Because I can. Continue reading Review: ‘The 100’ Episode 2.10 “Survival of the Fittest”

5 Directions FOX Could Take an X-Men Series

X-Men_LogoNews recently exploded across the internet that the long-rumored X-Men TV series was finally coming to fruition by FOX. While this is great news for TV and X-Men fans alike, there’s a lot of places they could go with this series. Decades of X-Titles, story-lines, and plots are available to FOX, and here’s some great ones that work perfectly for the small screen.

Continue reading 5 Directions FOX Could Take an X-Men Series