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A Conspiracy: Marvel’s Movie Douchebaggery

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I see dots; I connect dots. This is A Conspiracy!

While I was a bit hesitant to buy into the conspiracy that Marvel Comics was doing away with a lot of the Fantastic Four and X-Men comics, promotion, merch, and pretty much anything else with a 4 or an X on it because of issues with movie licensing, the latest batch of news has pushed me over the edge, and I am now a believer. I guess it makes sense from a financial standpoint (although I still can’t get the numbers to add up) but, numbers aside, it seems like a pretty mean thing to do to us, the fans and readers. But, when I dug a little deeper into Marvel’s Movie history, the timeline shows just how cutthroat Marvel has been with cross-promotion in film.

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Rant: Comic Sales, The New 52, and Trades

DiamondAlthough the recent sales figures that came out from Diamond this week help paint a picture of which comic book publishers are selling more books, digging a bit deeper into the numbers, comparing them to previous years’ statistics, and applying some commonsense really puts things in a much better perspective. The numbers show signs of some confusion at the retail level, lop-sided trade sales indicative of success, possible explanations for swinging publisher changes, and a whole ton of wild accusatory comments.

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Predictions for 2015

For the most part, prediction articles like these have become more of a series of vague, ‘big-bullseye’ statements that can be easily supported no matter what happens, or, worse, sure things that couldn’t possibly go in any other direction, than anything coming close to a true prediction. Predictions should be risky. So, I’m going to try to stare a bit harder into my crystal ball, go way out on the limb, and get some big-time prognostication going on. And 2015 is full of so much awesome that there’s a lot of stuff to cover, and plenty of predictions to make. I’m only going to cover comic books and comic book films in this article, but I may get into other 2015 predictions later.

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Is ‘Toy Story 4’ Disney’s Answer to ‘The Lego Movie’?

With the recent slew of announcements coming from Disney’s stock, I saw some dots, connected some dots, and have decided that Toy Story 4 could be bigger than any of us geeks care to admit.

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Prediction: Marvel’s Summer 2015 Teasers

Secret Wars 2015There isn’t any more comfortable form of transportation than a hype-train. You know, that fast-moving, rail-bending ramp-up to the next big comic book event? The Big 2 do it all the time, and nothing has been heavier with hype over the past few weeks than Marvel Comics’ series of Summer 2014 teasers. There are all sorts of rumors flying around the Internet, most of them overly imaginative; like a series of redo events, or a line-wide reboot; or underwhelming ‘been-there-done-thats’; like What If? stories; but I haven’t seen anyone apply what we know, put it into a context, and apply previous Marvel promotions to the current trend. It all makes for my own theory about the teasers, and it has nothing to do with an event, and everything to do with Jonathan Hickman, his Secret Wars and his Avengers.

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Rant: Marvel’s Secret Wars 2015 and Other Teasers

Marvel has been throwing down some interesting teasers recently, that (coincidentally?) followed the just-a-bit-more than the teaser announcement for the publisher’s Secret Wars 2015 event. While the news is all still a bit…mysterious, I have some theories based on what we know about what’s currently going on, what little has already been announced, and some very convenient timing.

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Opinion: Marvel Comics All-New Now.1

JulesTrue with a long overdue post, because it’s certainly time I join the true ranks over here at OG and put my ten cents in for a rant. Avengers NOW!Recently, Marvel has upped the price tag on certain books, while paradigm shifting lots of teams, and even killing a couple of characters here and there. I’m sure by now everyone has seen the whole Avengers Now picture from Entertainment Weekly. Of course the whole community is in an uproar about all sorts of changes coming out of the House of Ideas. Lots of theories about what the folks at Marvel have planned next for its readers. Lots of questions being asked about what are their goals, who dies next, whats the next event, who’s joining what team, and how much is this all gonna cost?

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Opinion: Marvel’s ‘Wolverines’ Weekly

News came out of NYCC this weekend about the new Marvel weekly title¬†Wolverines. This small tidbit of news may not sound too important, but it’s a huge deal, for a lot of reasons.

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