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IDW Comics Announces ‘Godzilla In Hell’

Godzilla Faces The Fiery Inferno Of Hell Itself!
Abandon All Hope…


In over six decades of battles and triumphs, Godzilla has never faced a challenge as great as what’s coming his way this July, when Godzilla goes to hell! In Godzilla in Hell, a five-issue miniseries launching in July, Godzilla will storm through the gates of hell itself, proving that the towering behemoth is King Of The Monsters both above and below!


With no warning and no sign of salvation, Godzilla is plummeted to the deepest, darkest bowels of the infernal kingdom. The mystery of what led to Godzilla’s damnation, and what it will face, will take readers on a dark and twisted journey unlike any Godzilla story before!

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IDW Comics Announces ‘Onyx’ #1

New Science-Fiction Series by the Co-Creators of Locke & Key and
Zombies vs. Robots Arrives in July 

Chris Ryall and Gabriel Rodriguez, the award-winning creators of series such as Locke & Key and Zombies vs. Robots are releasing their first co-creation, Onyx, this summer.

Onyx tells the tale of a female metal-suited warrior who comes to Earth on a quest to either save the planet or destroy it. It’s up to a team of super-soldiers to figure out which before it’s too late, and before a much greater threat overwhelms both them and the planet itself.

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Black Mask Studios Announces ‘The Disciples’

Wes Craven & Steve Niles team for ‘The Disciples’ Adaptation

As reported by The Hollywood Reporterhorror maestros Wes Craven and Steve Niles are joining forces to adapt Black Mask’s upcoming comic book THE DISCIPLESinto a TV show for Universal Cable Productions with Niles’ Black Mask co-founders Matt Pizzolo and Brett Gurewitzexecutive producing alongside Industry Entertainment’sSara Bottfeld. THE DISCIPLES marks Black Mask’s latest foray into TV, joining the adaptation of FIVE GHOSTS that Black Mask has in development at Syfy with Evan Daugherty (Snow White And The Huntsman) writing the pilot.
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Preview: James Patterson’s Max Ride: First Flight #1

The Adventure Begins – Your First Look at

This April, international best-selling author, James Patterson teams with Marvel bring his hit young-adult sensation Maximum Ride to the world of comics as only Marvel could! But first, Marvel is pleased  to present your first look inside the debut issue, JAMES PATTERSON’S MAX RIDE: FIRST FLIGHT #1!

Written by rising star writer Marguerite Bennett (A-Force, Angela: Asgard’s Assassin) and illustrated by artist Alex Sanchez (Elektra), JAMES PATTERSON’S MAX RIDE: FIRST FLIGHT brings the wonderfully imaginative world of the Maximum Ride series to the world of Marvel Comics!

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Thor Corps Hits Marvel’s Battleworld

A Corps of Thors Unleashed on BATTLEWORLD in THORS #1!

This June, meet Battleworld’s steadfast police force, the Thors! Gods of Thunder, doling out justice at the end of a hammer in THORS #1 – the brand new Secret Wars series from blockbuster writer Jason Aaron (Thor, Star Wars) and Eisner-award winning artist Chris Sprouse (Tom Strong, Multiversity)! Continue reading Thor Corps Hits Marvel’s Battleworld

Review: ‘Scandal’ Episode 4.12 “Gladiators Don’t Run”

**Spoiler alert** If you haven’t seen Thursday’s episode then GO WATCH IT ALREADY!


Attention World: Olivia Pope is for sale, today only! Exclusive to terrorist members only!  

The episode starts with Abby waiting for Olivia, who see still doesn’t know is missing. She thinks Olivia is avoiding her, so goes to her apartment to find the wine stained couch. She immediately goes to Pope & Associates where Quinn and Huck refuse to say anything because “You’re not a Gladiator anymore,” Abby. Fitz gets a team together to find a way into the auction. Telling Cyrus and Mellie, “We can win this. Who has more money than the United States?” They name a few like China and United Arab Emirates, but Fitz still wants in. Continue reading Review: ‘Scandal’ Episode 4.12 “Gladiators Don’t Run”

Image Comics Announces ‘Red One’

The all-new suspense series launches in March

Xavier Dorison (Long John Silver, The Third Testament) and Terry and Rachel Dodson (Star Wars: Princess Leia, Uncanny X-Men) launch a sexy and funky new superhero story, straight out of a Quentin Tarantino film, in RED ONE.In RED ONE, it’s 1977—the height of the Cold War between the USSR and the US—and the Kremlin has a plan to win the war against Uncle Sam: propaganda! Continue reading Image Comics Announces ‘Red One’

July Movie Preview, part 1

Check out these movies coming to you in the first half of July

Opening July 2nd

Tammy – In this episode of Breaking Bad: The Fast Food Edition our heroine has just lost her McJob and is forced to hit the road after a botched robbery of her former employer (rated R comedy).

Deliver Us From Evil – A preacher and a member of the NYPD set out to arrest a demon. If your in the mood for scary this weekend here you go! Shouldn’t this be coming out in October?

Earth to Echo – If Chronicle and ET had a baby that was raised by Disney it would be this movie. The plot should be familiar to you if you have seen Flight of the Navigator or Explorers.

Opening July 11th

Dawn of The Planet of the Apes – “We apes not start sh*t; we apes finished it!” This movie is the missing link of how we lost the planet to the apes. It should be bananas!

A Long Way Down – Four strangers all get in each others way while attempting to jump off the same building and make a pact to not kill themselves for now.  This move has “date movie” written all over it and is is based off of a book by Nick Hornby. He also wrote the book High Fidelity, which the film About a Boy was based off of.


Transformers 4 Age of Extinction – my full review by Lawrence of America

imagesPASS ON IT! – I know all the fan boys will go see it any way, and I’m sure it will make a ton of money.  Really tho this movie brought nothing new to the table.

SPECIAL EFFECTS – With a movie like this half of reason people go see it is the special effects and they were ok at best.  When stuff exploded (and it did constantly) it often did in an unrealistic way and thus looking more like a fireworks display than a battle.  The cg was almost on par with the first one (I guess).  It felt like they skimped on the sound effects a bit much with of the fight scenes having cheesy background music instead of explosions.   The Deceptacons no longer transform but but the denigrate and reform.  The Deceptacons also look like the “squids” from matrix reloaded when they hover and fly.  ***WARNING The over use of the lens flair effect made some scenes literally painful to watch akin to staring at the sun .***

PLOT / STORY – Really I wasn’t expecting much if any and that is exactly what it delivered.

Overall if you have an itch to see robots fight go rent Pacific Rim and save your self $15.

“Maleficent” – My Full Review by Lawrence of America

Well it’s that time again and i just got back from seeing  Maleficent maleRENT IT –   Overall its watchable but I left feeling like the premise of the movie was that men suck

First of let me say that i was not looking forward to this movie and I would not consider myself a Disney die hard.  The buzz I heard from the die hard s that went to see it on opening night was that they were disappointed.  I can understand why this is not your typical Disney affair.  This movie is or might as well be the Disney remake of “Wicked”.

While I’m not saying this is a bad movie but I’m not going to call it great.  The effects were well done.  The actors played there parts well.  The story was uninspired and predictable.  This was not a fairy tail story it just happened to have fairy tail characters in it.  That is why most of the die hard s were disappointed.

This movie also fails the “Reverse Bechdel Test”, and every male character was either evil or mythical with one lone exception.  This movie does give off the anti man vibe  tho read on to find out why I say that.


this movie is essentially about a fairy girl and a human boy who fall in love as children.  As, they grow older the boy’s heart is “overcome by the greed of Men” and he leaves his love to pursue wealth and riches and goes to work for the king proving that he loves money more than all else.  While the fairy dedicates her life to defending her magical homeland.

The “greedy” king hates the fairies  because they have wealth that he wants and they stop him from pillaging their magic land.  Even on his death bed all he wants is kill the fairy who stopped his pillaging, and he says who ever kills the fairy for him he will pick as his heir and as an added bonus he can have his daughter.  Proving that he has nothing but hate in his heart.

The boy now a greedy man see’s his opportunity to betray his former love and become king.  He sets out and steals her wings and lies to the dieing king.  Once again proving that he loves money more than all else.

The heart broken fairy finds out that her former love did it to be king and so she stalks him.  So when she sees the new king and queen have a child she puts the sleeping beauty curse on the child.  Proving hell hath no fury like a women scorn.

The new sends the princess away to live in the woods with 3 idiots he does not know so he can exact his revenge becoming obsessed with it just like the former king.  Thus proving that all men are the same.

The fairy regrets it but cant undo it.  So after 16 years of secretly protecting the child she tries to help break the curse by guiding a prince who “loves” her to kiss her and break the curse but it does not work and her kiss is the one that breaks it.  Thus proving if you want it done right send a woman.

The king does not care that she broke the curse and tries to kill her anyway which leads to him falling to his death and the princess becomes queen of the human and the fairy gives her rule of the magical land and all is happy under the 16 year old queen.  Thus proving that everything would be better if women were in charge.

Maybe I’m reading to much in to it but the phrase “the evil of men” was used multiple times.  With one lone exception all the evil deeds were done by men and all the good deeds done women.