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Top five shows you can catch on Netflix

It’s been a little bit since i wrote something on here but bear with me. Also note that these picks are from a personal stance and not conformed to the mass public. These are my top five shows you can catch on Netflix.

5: Supernatural- the only reason this is number five is because the ones listed above this just have my full attention and i haven’t finished the series yet. All around a great show. For those who don’t know the premise, you have two brothers one of which saw his mother burned by a demon and taken to hell. They have a father who hunts supernatural entities that cover the U.S. so far, they may travel the world in later episodes. These brothers take up the cause when their father goes missing and without giving too many spoilers away you come to find that there is an army in hell brewing to come to the surface. The acting isn’t bad, the transitions of scenes aren’t too choppy and the episodes that focus on different entities are for the most part intriguing. Over all i would say a 7.5 out of 10.

4: The Vampire Diaries- while there is some teen drama unnecessary in this show, it is overall addictive. The premise is this Vampire comes back to his hometown to be alone and find himself when he meets and falls for the super hot Elana played by Nina Dobrev. While they start courting in steps his also Vampire brother who wants to resurrect their old girlfriend who also turned them into Vampires. Now after all this it spirals into a world of Werewolves, witches and ghosts. The acting is very solid, the transitions are pretty smooth and they do an outstanding job of keeping me interested in the story and in certain characters. There is more to come and i would highly recommend watching if you can get over the splashes of love triangle and high school teeney drama. Again there is not much but when it happens there is a small groan that can be heard from somewhere in the room. Overall i give it an 8 out of 10.

3: Sons of Anarchy- i could do a review on just these next three as individual posts but i will keep it short and sweet. Here’s the premise. Jax Teller played by Pacific Rim’s Charlie Hunnum is part of a biker gang that his stepdad runs, who is played by Hellboy himself Ron Pearlman. This MC ( motorcycle club) is into running guns and prostitution, they also have shaky alliances with the Spanish gangs, the black gangs and the Chinese gangs. The story follows Jax as he finds love, his past and himself. The acting is spot on. The transitions are almost seamless and the story is so gripping that if you watch this show you may pull an all day affair before you realize. It’s one of my all time favorite shows. They also have alto of celebrities that make an appearance but no one too high named unless you are a sci fi geek like me. Peter Weller Mr. Robocop himself makes an appearance. Overall i give this a 9.5 out of 10.

2:Dexter- i am currently in the middle of speeding through this show. I can’t get enough. Almost everyone on this show is recognizable from somewhere else. Here’s the premise. Dexter is a serial killer who was raised by a code that makes him only go after bad guys. When he is not slashing and hacking he is a blood pattern specialist that works for Miami P.D.
where his foster sister also works. Oh yeah he is adopted. Now the whole thing with this series is every season sets up a new speed bump in Dexter’s life. Which happen to be other serial killers, not getting caught by the law and many more. This show had me from hello. First episode i couldn’t stop thinking how interesting it was. The acting is amazing, the transitions are seamless and the story is making me want to know that happens next, like Lost until season 7 (damn you Lost). This is a showtime show so there is lots of violence, language and sex so if you want to keep it strictly network than keep moving, but you would seriously be doing a disservice to yourself. Overall i give it a 9.5 out of 10.

1: Sherlock- this show is proof that the Brits do it better. Premise is young Watson played by Matt Freeman Mr. Bilbo Baggins himself, is coming home from the war and trying to settle in to modern day London. He is looking for a place when an old colleague suggests this place on Baker St. When Watson goes there he is met by none other than the title character Sherlock Holmes played by Benedict Cumberbach Mr. Than and Smaug himself. Watson gets a peek inside the life that is Sherlock and finds he can’t get enough. They compliment each other well and it takes of from there into the stories of Mr. Holmes. I don’t want to say much about this show other than its probably the most well put together show in the history of television. The acting is amazing. The transitions are beyond seamless and the story is just impeccable. If you were ever a fan of the Sherlock stories growing up or you have never read them i still strongly urge you to check this out. I am so like a kid on Christmas or Hannukah (Jules), that i can’t wait to see what happens next. Overall 10 of bloody 10. If there was a higher scale it would top that too.

Thanks for reading and check these shows out when you get a chance.

Weekly Dead

Weekly Dead

Many viewers tune in to see the television hit The Walking Dead. What the weekly Dead is all about is a table discussion of the newest episode, but is not limited to just the television show. Movies, books, comics, games and what if scenario’s are going to be the topic of discussion in this new weekly recorded blog. The amazing team of Weekly Recs in partnership with Outright Geekery have made this collaboration possible. First a huge thank you to Comix City Too for location, personnel and research into anything geek chique. The first episode of this show will be posted to Youtube soon and much like anything social media, none of it would be possible without the fans love and support. You are greatly encouraged to like, comment, suggest and request. So thank you in advance for checking it out and we can’t wait to hear from you.