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Showtime is cancelled, Synergy.


As I sit here in total and utter disgust I am trying to put to words the shame that has just been brought to my attention tonight in the first much-anticipated viewing of the Jem and The Holograms movie trailer. Continue reading Showtime is cancelled, Synergy.


Live Long And Prosper

Leonard Nimoy

Mr. Spock

March 26, 1931 – February 27, 2015

So, hello to all and please bear with me as I take a moment to gain my bearings, and please forgive any errors as I am still processing and learning. I had intended to begin my first blogs to intro an exploration of the women of the comic universe, but alas, there is a sadness that begs me to speak on another topic for this first blog. The loss of a legend, Leonard Nimoy. Continue reading Live Long And Prosper