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Review: Sinergy #2

Sinergy02_CoverBReview: Sinergy #2
Written by Michael Avon Oeming And Taki Soma
Art by Michael Avon Oeming

Sinergy is a new series from Image Comics that I picked up last month because I liked the concept behind it. In a nutshell, it’s coming of age story. The main character is Jess, a teenage girl that learns she’s a seer after losing her virginity. A seer is a person that can see monsters disguised as people. Now she’s facing the choice of either going to college or taking up the family business of killing monsters. Decisions, decisions. Written by Michael Avon Oeming and Taki Soma, Sinergy has the makings of great series, which mixes a little bit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and They Live into a teenage angst-ridden story with monster slaying on the side. Oeming’s art pulls off a strange mix of being dark and broody while being lively, almost perfectly matching the tone of the book. The art reminds me of a strange cross between Mike Mignola and Mike Allred, two of my favorite artists, which is a big plus. See our Sinergy #2 preview. Continue reading Review: Sinergy #2

Review: The Humans #2

When I first heard about The Humans, I thought it was going to be a parody of Planet of the Apes. I was wrong, The Humans has turned out to be one of the best and most original comics that I’ve read this year. Keenan Marshall Keller is a writer I’m not familiar with, but he has done a wonderful job in merging a world of ape bikers with some great biker movies I remember watching as a kid. Like Keller, I’m not familiar with Tom Neely’s previous work, but I like his style. It’s simple and clean. His splash pages are some of the best I’ve seen recently, they add greatly to the psychedelic trips that tend to happen in this book. See out preview here. Continue reading Review: The Humans #2

Review: Toe Tag Riot #1

Outside of The Walking Dead, I don’t read a lot of zombie comics. Mostly because we’re suffering from an over-saturation of them at the moment. Just about any genre can add zombies to it and instantly become a zombie comic. So yeah, zombie comics have been done to death. So what was it about Toe Tag Riot that made me curious to read it? Honestly, it was the cover. That cover reminded me of The Return of the Living Dead, the campy one from the mid 1980’s that had the punks versus zombies. Man, I loved watching that movie. Anything that can capture something I enjoyed in my youth is worth a read. Continue reading Review: Toe Tag Riot #1

Wayward #4 Review

In this latest issue of Wayward, events are picking up for Rori and the gang. Think of this one as a team-building exercise for our “Monster Mashers”. Between Wayward, Goners and Oddly Normal, Image Comics is quickly becoming my go-to source for good supernatural stories. Hat’s off to Zub, Jim Zub is doing a superb job crafting a supernatural world that is both fun and exciting to get immersed in, the series truly has a very Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibe about it. I’m digging Steve Cumming’s artwork. It’s simply wonderful to take in, the panels are fluid and capture the urban setting of the story with so much detail. Check out this preview. Continue reading Wayward #4 Review

Review: Oddly Normal #3

Oddly Normal is a stranger in a strange land. Or maybe she’s not. Who’s to say what is strange in Fignation? Or what’s normal, for that matter. Oddly Normal’s first day in Fignation is one she’s not likely to forget because, for the first time, she doesn’t feel out of place. Until she gets to school, that is. Seriously, even the kids in another dimension can be mean. This comic is just plain fun, no doubt about that. Oddly has taken her first step into a larger world. Otis Frampton has done an excellent job with this comic. He has made a creative and fun book that can be enjoyed by all ages. Check out a preview. Continue reading Review: Oddly Normal #3

Review: Goners #2

Goners02_CoverPicking up where Goners #1 left off, Goners #2 is an all-out fight to protect the lives of Zoe and Josiah Latimer. Having just witnessed the deaths of their parents, the Latimer children have come under attack by the same monsters that murdered their parents. Semahn and Corona have combined elements from supernatural genre to make Goners an interesting, sometimes bloody, series. This issue’s fast-paced as we learn a little more about Zoe and Josiah, their family history and why the supernatural monsters want them dead so badly. Check out our Preview. Continue reading Review: Goners #2

Review: Intersect #1

Intersect01_CoverIt’s hard to explain what Intersect is exactly. I’m not sure if this story is taking place in a characters mind,  either a dream or nightmare, or if even the events of the story are actually happening in the reality established in this issue. This is the first issue, so there’s going to be some world-building, but it felt lacking. I was lost after one character changes personalities three times in the issue. Ray Fawkes performs a double duty on this book, both as the writer and artist. I’ve been enjoying his work on Batman Eternal. I know he can tell a good story about madness and insanity from his work on Constantine. As an artist, Fawkes’ panels are wonderfully done. Sadly, it doesn’t help this book. Here’s our Preview.

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Review: Borderlands The Pre-Sequel!

Before this game was announced, my friends and I were lamenting the fact that our run on Borderlands 2 was slowly coming to a close. The fifth, and final, Headhunter DLC had just been released, we figured that we’d have to wait until Gearbox made another Borderlands game on the next-gen consoles. So imagine our delight to found out we were getting one last go at the Borderlands universe on the current generation of game consoles.

TPS cover Continue reading Review: Borderlands The Pre-Sequel!

Review: Copperhead #3

Copperhead03_CoverPicking up from events in issue 2, Clara confronts Ishmael, the artificially-created humanoid (arties), who safely returned her son, Zeke, from the Badlands. Clara has a history with arties and is distrustful of them. After a heated exchange, Ishmael leaves while Clara tends to Zeke. Later, Clara returns to the investigation of the Sewell family massacre, deciding to release Mrs. Sewell from custody in hopes of a lead. Clara’s intuition doesn’t pay off as she hoped, while Zeke makes a revelation that may provide the first solid lead into the investigation. Check out a preview of Copperhead #3. Continue reading Review: Copperhead #3

Preview: Critical Hit #2

Critical Hit #2CRITICAL HIT #2
Written by Matt Miner
Art by Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, Doug Garbark
Published by Black Mask Studios
Release Date: October 29, 2014
Jeanette and Sarah find themselves in a terrifying and brutally violent situation when they’re taken captive by a rogue gang of killers whom the girls mistook for mere sport hunters. Matt Miner pushes his young vigilantes deeper into the heart of darkness and raises the stakes as one of the girls fights for her life.

As mentioned in my Geek Picks for October 29th, I picked up Critical Hit issue #1 after it was recommended to me by Gaumer. I didn’t know at the time this was the follow-up to another series called Liberators, and now I will have to pick up a trade or hunt down the back issues of Liberators. Consider that a testimony to how much I am enjoying Critical Hit. Here’s a preview.

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