COVERED! June 17th, 2015

Need your comic book covers fix? Well, we’ve got you COVERED! These are some of the best comic covers hitting the shelves at a comic shop near you!

Runaways #1 variant by Phil NotoRunaways#1

Empty Zone #1 by Jason Shawn AlexanderEmptyZone01_Cover

Prez #1 by Ben Caldwellprez

Archie Vs Predator #3 by Gisele LagacearchieVSpredator#3

Black Canary #1 by Annie WuBlackCanary#1

Ravenous #2 by Patrick ReillyRavenous#2

Lumberjanes #15lumberjanes#15

Hexed #11 by Dan MoraHexed#11

Robin Son of Batman #1 variant by Robbi RodriguezRobinSOB#`

Ms Marvel #16 by Kris AnkaMsMarvel#16


2 thoughts on “COVERED! June 17th, 2015”

    1. I don’t believe the series itself is cancelled. It’s not on the list of the 33 titles Marvel was cancelling due to Secret Wars. There’s still one more issue of Ms Marvel to go. The series may go on hiatus until after Secret Wars has concluded, but Kamala Khan is definitely in promo materials for the post-Secret Wars Marvel.

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