Top o’ The Lot: Non-Big 2 Comics That Should be TV Shows 

Honorable Mention: X-O Manowar

I’m sure man of you have seen X-O over the years from either it’s original inception or its current run and thought what’s up with the weird looking Iron Power Ranger. Well it’s so much more than you think. A Visogoth, a warrior from the old world looking to take down the Romans and reclaim his home when he’s suddenly taken by a strange alien race. Yeah I know that turned pretty quickly. The vine abduct the best specimens and take them to harvest for them. Enter the Visogoth Aric and his quest to return home and slay his captors. Along the way gets one of the most powerful weapons in the known Galaxy. Hello Game of Thrones meets Battlestar Galatica. Of all the Valiant titles this one can stand on its own with never having to mingle with the others, however that’s not to say it wouldn’t be cool. I just think this story has so much more going on and shouldn’t be restricted by being a 2hour film. This series could go the distance.

5. Morning Glories

Meet the 6 new students at the Morning Glory Academy. Casey, Zoe, Ike, Jun, Hunter, and Jade as they join this mysterious prestigious boarding school and begin to understand it’s dark secrets. At the surface it seems like a teenage drama about boarding school kids but beneath lies murder and torture of some of the students. As our motley crew begin to uncover the terrifying stories that longer around the school they begin to uncover far more than they thought. Survival becomes the best way for making the grade at Morning Glory Academy and it is harder than most could comprehend. The story is solid but what’s the huge selling point on this being a series is the way each character is focused on as the story moves. Think Skins(the UK version) meets lost. With the occult spun in there! This is the next series you want!

4. Sweet Tooth

sweettooth1The world ended. What’s left isn’t much, but what’s strange is the children who are part animal. Gus a young boy who’s only known life in the woods with his father. Young Gus only knows what his father has taught him, the long legacy of his fathers prophecies. Sadly his father passes and Gus becomes more aware of his deer features and finds himself leaving the woods and deep in trouble. That is until a man name Jeppard enters Gus’ life. Jeppard is a terrifying man, think Mad Max meets Clint Eastwood. The pairing of Gus and Jeppard change the two forever in ways I could not begin to describe. This story is an epic. The danger lurking at every turn leaves the hairs on the back of your neck stand ten feet tall. Watching Gus lose his innocence in a world that ended and has nothing left but to treat him harshly for being different.

3. East of West

The four horseman rise again, only to realize their a member short. Death has betrayed them and has to pay. Somewhere on the open road Death rides looking for his wife. Say hello to a world where the U.S. was divided into seven separate nations. A world of science and magic. Where the lines of understand are blurred by greed and revenge. A world built to stupify and amaze! A myriad of characters will keep you guessing where the story could gonna next. With each nation revealed and there take on the horseman riding agains makes each fold of the story more intense than the last.

2. Stray Bullets

The world is a terrible awful place. Stray Bulletts is a collection of stories that are told out of order about a group of people that seem to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Each moment will shake you to your bones as you careen through knuckle biting situation. Imagine if Quentin Tarentino and Martin Scorsese wrote a series about how messed up the American Dream had gotten, it would be Stray Bullets. A weird and crude anthology series HBO would be stupid not to put money into. It’s a series that will leave you with an eerie paranoia about the simplest of situations. Drugs, sex, rock n roll, crime, love, teenage angst, and Cool Beans. Somebody this is a million dollar idea.

1. Y the Last Man

Many may argue this should be a movie, but no. Imagine a world where everything with Y genome suddenly died. Every male of every species on earth does suddenly. Except for a man name Yorick and his pet monkey Ampersand. All Yorick wants is to be reunited with his girlfriend. However in the strange dystopian world where he’s the last man alive, everyone else might have something else to say. The story here should not be held to a handful of movies. I’m talking a full series. So many moments in this series shook me to my core and could really bring a whole new crowd in for anyone who wants to make this into a series!

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