First Look: Figment 2

This September, journey back into the exciting depths of your own imagination with FIGMENT 2 #1 – the follow-up to the smash-hit, sold-out Disney Kingdoms series!Figment_2_1_Cover

Continuing the unique collaboration between Marvel and Walt Disney Imagineering, the Disney Kingdoms line of comics brings you new adventures inspired by the beloved lands, attractions, characters and worlds of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts! Critically acclaimed writer Jim Zub (Figment, Skullkickers) returns alongside artist Ramon Bachs for the next chapter in the life of the enigmatic inventor Dreamfinder and the legendary Figment!

Now in the present day, Figment and Dreamfinder must brave the modern world as new and unexpected adventures lie before them. Gone for over 100 years, our imaginative duo have become the stuff of legends. But with their greatest challenge still before them, will their legacy ultimately be their undoing?

“As soon as the first Figment series wrapped up I was bombarded with messages from excited readers asking if there would be more Dreamfinder comic stories,” says series writer Jim Zub. “Thankfully the team at Disney and Marvel saw the spark in our first journey and asked me for ideas on where things could go from there. I’m thrilled that they’ve entrusted me with these cherished characters and can’t wait for readers to dive into new realms of imagination with our creative team.”



FIGMENT 2 #1 (OF 5)                                                                                           Written by Jim Zub                                                                                                     Penciled by Ramon Bachs                                                                                               Cover by John Tyler Christopher                                                                               Action Figure Variant by John Tyler Christopher



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