Advanced Review: Negative Space #1

Writer: Owen Gieni

Artist: Ryan K. Lindsay

On sale July 8, FOC June 15

What if you felt that the world was falling apart around you? What if it was being taken apart without you knowing? What if you didn’t know that with you being alive ensured the survival of the human race? All this, and you’re just trying to find your place in the world. And a weird creature being monitored by a highly advanced agency tracking your every move.

This was a good read. At first it feels as if you’re reading a page of a guys diary, desperately quiet in his own, lonely, life. Then you realize there is something else going on. The writing was a bit loose, but still held you as you get to the climax.

The art, however, was a little rough. It was a little hard to make out the characters standing against the background. The colors, to me, were too soft. If an artist switch were to occur, it might help this book.

Overall, the writing was decent, story was fun, but the art hurt this book. This story could have a chance.

Rating: 3/5



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