Review: X-O Manowar #37

XO_037_COVER-A_SEGOVIAWriter: Robert Venditti
Artist: Diego Bernard
Inks: Ryan Winn, Mark Pennington, BIT
Colors: Brian Reber
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Covers: Stephen Segovia, Brian Reber, Rafa Sandoval, Ulises Arreola, Das Pastoras, Francis Portela, Andrew Dalhouse

Valiant Entertainment

Dead Hand #4: Red Earth

The line has been drawn. Dead Hand stops here. It’s do or die time. And Earth, knowingly, is at stake. Aric, along with a Cadre of other sentient armors, make a push to stop a horde of drones bent on a single mission…annihilate the armors, and reseed the world’s affected by the armors. Question is…why destroy entire planets unnecessarily?

Robert Venditti has successfully implanted that though into my head as I have been reading this series. Finally, we get to where we understand why Shanhara/Aric have such a special relationship. His willpower is greater than her own. And I think the armor likes that about him. Robert does a great job of making that apparent against the other armor wearers. And that he is now their king.

Diego’s art was mesmerizing! A planetoid that is a death dealing robot armada facing off against a small Cadre of super armor wearing individuals was exciting! And all those energy weapons! Wow!

Brian Reber, Ryan Winn, Mark Pennington, and BIT do a great job of making all this action stand out against the backdrop of space. And the colors inside the the planetoid were just as exciting!

As for the covers. I just can’t bring myself to single out just any one of them!

Overall, this was an action packed issue deserving of the X-O Manowar title. The Valiant team did a great job defending our world from impending doom. This is why more people are reading Valiant now than ever before.

Rating: 5/5


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