Geek YEN! – King Arts Hulkbuster Figure

Yen: verb 1. feel a longing or yearning. That’s exactly how we feel about the stuff we love, but, more importantly, it’s really how we feel about the stuff they make out of the stuff we love. Toys, statues, posters, pogs; we love it all, and we WANT it all. It’s Geek Yen!

Easily the coolest part of the whole damn Age of Ultron movie, The Mark 44 Iron Man Armor, Codenamed: Veronica, and also known as The Hulkbuster Armor was always going to make an awesome figure, but it took the Iron Man memorabilia veterans over at King Arts to get it perfect. Full Diecast; impeccable detail, and there’s an Iron Man figure that goes INTO the Hulkbuster Armor! Shut up and take my money!

King Arts * 1/9 Diecast Figure Series * DFS012 * Diecast Action Hulkbuster Preorder Now!!!

Product introduction
Iron Man Armored Mark 44, ” Hulkbuster “, as the name implies, is designed to compete and against Hulk . To be able to fight with the Hulk, he is designed to be a huge , both weight and strength! In the movie “The Avengers 2: Ages of Ultron”, the Hulkbuster and Hulk sparring plot shock people,

Product Series: 1/9 Diecast Figure series
Product Name: 1/9 Hulkbuster
Product Code: DFS012
Film Authorized :<< Avengers 2:Age of Ultron >>

Product Specification
Product Measurement: 41CM (Height)
Material Used:Alloy +ABS

Product Features
* Eyes, chest, hands, feet and other body altogether 16 lamps bit
* Helmet / Thorax open multiple agencies removable, magnetic structure perfect stitching
* Can be 1 / 9MK43 just put the whole, fully rendered movie plot
* Multiple body positions can be linked, movable finger
* Exhibit metallic metallic paint better
* History of the largest iron and steel armor models, high reduction, worth having

Pre-order information
Pre-order Price: HKD 3700/set
King Arts VIP price: HKD 3500/set

Target FOB HK shipment: Q1-Q2, 2016

*Local Retail Price varies.
*Final products maybe slightly different from the official pictures

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