COVERED! June 3rd, 2015

Serving up another heaping helping of some of the best comic books to hit the shelves this week. This week’s edition of COVERED has a lot of variant covers, too.

Woods #13 variant by Becky Cloonanwoods13

Bizarro #1 variant by Kyle BakerBizarro#1

Amazing Spider-Man #18.1 variant by Yasmine Putriamazingspiderman18point1

Midnighter #1 variant by Acomodnighter#1

Death Vigil #7 by Stjepan Sejicdeathvigil#7

Years of Future Past #1 by Arthur Adamsyearsoffuturepast#1

The Wicked and The Divine #11 by Matthew WilsonThe Wicked adn The Divine #11

Justice Inc Avenger #1 by Alex RossJusticeAvenger01-Cov-A-Ross

 Secret Wars #3 variant by Marguerite Sauvagesecretwars#3

Big Man Plans #3 by Eric Powellbigmanplans#3








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