Top o’ the Lot: Possible Movie Reboots for Tom Hardy

From time to time Outright Geekery brings you a slanted and biased opinion on some trivially specific topic of geekery. We call it Outright Geekery’s Top o’ the Lot.

Honorable Mention:  Cobra

A cop on the fringe of whats right and wrong who is giving charge of someone going into protective custody. Things get heated as those most wronged by the witnesses’ testimonty aim to kill them both. I think we could all agree Tom Hardy could save the silly parts of this once seemingly awesome movie and breathe new life for a totally new perspective. Plus I would love to be able to understand Cobra the entire movie.

5. They Live

If you haven’t seen this movie, you are missing out on a gem from the era. One day a man discovers a box of ray bans that help you see through the lies painted before you by the aliens that have enslaved the human race. A man who goes absolutely nuts when he realizes how messed up everything really is and tries to get other people to put on the glasses and see. Now I can see Hardy ripping this movie a new one and making the movie feel totally different. The only thing I ask them to keep is the best life of the movie. “I have come to kick ass and chew bubble gum and I am all out of bubble gum.

4. Flash Gordon

A superstar quarterback end up in another dimension and becomes their champion. Flash Gordon is a hero out of nowhere who defies the great odds to win the hearts of everyone and save the idea. Ok I had to put one light hearted action Sci-Fi movie on here and I like to think I picked one that could use a reboot especially since this one is not all its cracked up to be the older I get.

3. Bladerunner

I know what your thinking, nothing is wrong with this movie and it should not be touched. I said the same thing about the Mad Max franchise and well I’m writing this article. I would love to see Tom Hardy step in to the world of Blade Runner and becoming Rick Deckard. I think if someone could get Ridley Scott to see Fury Road he might totally agree with. Million dollar idea right here on the internet.

2. Escape From New York

Tom Hardy as Snake Plissken. Come on. I know, you thought he was dead.

1. Dune

This movie has captivated me from most of my life. As did the books. SO with a big honest heart I say Tom Hardy could not only star in a reboot of this movie but take the franchise to places you can find in the pages. There’s so much more story from the world of Dune that never touched the silver screen that could now be very successful. With Hardy’s mug and acting chops I think this would be a great one.

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