Geeks’ Picks for New Comics: June 3rd, 2015

outright-geekery Logo NewNew Comics Wednesday is upon us again, and some of us here at Outright Geekery are running down the top pick on our comic stacks for this week. What are you looking forward to reading this week?

Taylor: The Wicked + The Divine #11

Not two issues after The Pantheon was completed, it looks like divine heads are about to roll as rogue god Baphomet continues his attempted killing spree. This series has been a treat not just because of a great writer and a great artist, but because of the way they form a perfect collaboration. If you haven’t been reading, go back and fix that. Then pick up this issue.

(Writer) Kieron Gillen (Artist/Cover) Jamie McKelvie
The end of Fandemonium. The end of Ragnarock. The end of the arc. The start of something else. Everything’s going to be okay.
Item Code: MAR150616
In Shops: 6/3/2015
SRP: $3.50

David: Nonplayer #2

So… it’s been how long since issue #1 came out? Four years! Seriously, WOW! Nonplayer has gone on to become something of an urban myth. Did it really happen? Yes, it did and it was gorgeous. Seriously, Nate Simpson’s art was absolutely beautiful. Then Nonplayer disappeared, people forgot about it and moved on to other comics. When I saw Nonplayer #2 in Previews, I thought that it was some sort of cruel joke. But now that it’s hitting shelves this Wednesday, I figure why not pick up a copy and see where the story picks up.

(Writer/Artist/Cover) Nate Simpson
THE SOLD-OUT SERIES RETURNS with a much-anticipated new chapter!
Bent on avenging the death of his queen, game character King Heremoth seeks vengeance against Dana, an unwitting tamale delivery girl. Meanwhile, strange things are afoot in future Los Angeles as a police standoff at a fish market reveals a homicidal robot armed only with seafood. Artist/writer NATE SIMPSON outdoes his beautiful and multi-layered debut with an even more ambitious feat of world-building!
Item Code: APR150542
In Shops: 6/3/2015
SRP: $2.99

 Gaumer: Years of Future Past #1

The X-Men work great on dystopian futures, and one filled with Sentinels, Mutant Control Acts, and a killer creative team is going to be amazing. I’m looking for this series to have a lot of heart, and, hopefully, not lean so hard toward the main Secret Wars event. I know; it’s a tie-in, but I’m hoping for a loose tie-in. Either way, I’lm looking forward to this ish most this week.

(Writer) Marguerite Bennett (Artist) Mike Norton (Cover) Arthur Adams
• In the dystopian nations of BATTLEWORLD, the mutants of New York City must fight to survive the rule of the Sentinels!
•  At their center is Kate Pryde, a heroine tried and tested by war, and mother of the last mutant ever to be born before the purges of the Mutant Control Act!
•  With revolution on the wind, the X-Men are not a broken team with nothing left to lose, but a desperate family with more at risk than ever before!
Rated T+
Item Code: APR150809
In Shops: 6/3/2015
SRP: $4.99

Adam: Star Wars #6/Darth Vader #6/Princess Leia #4

The Force is strong this week over at Marvel. I guess with Secret Wars killing most of their line up, Marvel has decided to pump out all three of their Star Wars books which is just fine with me. Every single one is good and Darth Vader is just simply fantastic.

(Writer) Jason Aaron (Artist/Cover) John Cassaday
• Luke vs. Boba Fett! Han Solo in hot water!
•  This is “the comic book you’re looking for!” – Comic Book Resources
Rated T
Star Wars © Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All rights reserved. Used under authorization. Text and illustrations for Star Wars are © 2015 Lucasfilm Ltd.
Item Code: APR150855
In Shops: 6/3/2015
SRP: $3.99


(Writer) Kieron Gillen (Artist) Salvador Larroca (Cover) Adi Granov
• The Emperor’s machinations revealed!
•  Everything changes for Vader!
•  The tale of Vader’s transformation from A New Hope to The Empire Strikes Back continues!
Rated T
Star Wars © Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All rights reserved. Used under authorization. Text and illustrations for Star Wars are © 2015 Lucasfilm Ltd.
Item Code: APR150857
In Shops: 6/3/2015
SRP: $3.99


(Writer) Mark Waid (Artist/Cover) Terry Dodson
• The Empire is rounding up fugitive Alderaanians…
•  …that doesn’t sit well with their Princess.
•  But what can one woman do against an Empire?
Item Code: MAR150682
In Shops: 6/3/2015
SRP: $3.99

Jules: Secret Wars #3

I have no idea where this story is going and I love it. After reading issue #1 I had no idea how Hickman and Ribic were gonna follow that up and BAM! So now I’m waiting for Secret Wars #3 and having read every tie-in since I’m really looking forward for the main story to pick up again!

(Writer) Jonathan Hickman (Artist) Esad Ribic (Cover) Alex Ross
Rated T+
Item Code: APR150690
In Shops: 6/3/2015
SRP: $3.99


Those are our picks, what’s on the top of your stack this Wednesday?

Comix City Too!This post brought to you by Comix City Too! in Madison Tennessee, Outright Geekery’s local comic shop of choice. Check out everything coming out this week in stores here, and be sure to get out to your local comic shop.

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