Review: Convergence

If you listened to the Geeks of the Square Table for this past week then you have heard the short reviews of DC’s Convergence event. If not, then I will sum up the event here: BAD!DC Comics Logo

I just finished reading Convergence #8, with hopes that the ending would be better than the rest of the series. I was sorely mistaken. I gave the event a grade of D prior to reading the last comic. The reasons behind giving it a D, rather than an F, would be, #1: The use of Dick Grayson from Earth-2, #2: The fact that DC admitted that this is yet another Crisis, and #3: Superman simply saying that he would push a world back into a rift in space (sorry, it was a joke on Geeks of the Square Table-go listen).

After reading the final issue, I give it an F+. The ending to the story arc lacked imagination, and seemed lazily thrown together. Nothing from the story changes anything in the main or any universe for the DC Universe.

Would I recommend this series? Probably not the main 8 issues, but the tie-in titles are a pretty good look back at some of the timelines and alternate universes. I would say pick up the tie-in titles that you like, I got the Crime Syndicate and New Teen Titans titles which peaked my interest. Will this be the ‘Final’ Crisis? Probably not. Is it a good ‘Crisis’? Nope. Skip it, except for the tie-ins.

Score: 1 Out of 5

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