Review: Injection #1

Writer: Warren Ellis

Artist: Declan Shalvey

Injection’s premise is that five crazy people poisoned the earth and now have to deal with the mistakes they made. Now if you read Injection #1 without having read the preview its hard to pick that up. Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey are coming off easily one of the best Moon Knight runs. Pair tighter to create one of Ellis strange yet unbelievably intriguing worlds.  We slowly get to know a strange group of people who once came together to expand their ideas and limits. Specifically we get to know the aftermath of the consequences of their formation.

The Good

As always Warren Ellis knows who to rope me in. The constant changes in point of view and in timeline has me guess with every page turn where I will end up next. And of course what’s an Ellis title without a ton of curiously interesting characters whose role is ridiculously ambiguous in the first issue. Shalvey’s art is of course the perfect forum for Ellis’ world. Injection has the kind of flow that’s only produced by a creative team in sync.

The Bad

One of the few times I will complain that I think the colorist did not to get fulfill his total potential. Having read the Moon Knight Shalvey drew with Jordie Bellaire as the colorist I know the two can produce the kind of art I would hang around my house and office. So I was a little let down when I finished Injection #1 and didn’t see the kind of explosion I expected when those two names were on the cover.

The Verdict

Injection #1 is a solid start to what should be a great weird read. As a huge fan of Warren Ellis I am stoked to see what will come next from this title. Now as a Shalvey/Bellaire fan I really hoping this title goes all the places those two can create together. Like seriously creative team alone has me yearning for the next issue.

Story 3 out of 5
Art 3 out of 5
Overall 3 out of 5

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