Dynamite Comics Previews for May 13th, 2015

Dynamite has a lot of great stuff on store shelves this week! Here’s a preview for all of it.

Blackcross03-Cov-A-LotayProject Superpowers: Blackcross #3
Warren Ellis (Writer)
Colton Worley (Artist)
Tula Lotay, Declan Shalvey (Cover)
Fans & retailers, order the cover of your choice!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

Colton Worley Unique Art retailer incentive cover
Tula Lotay “Virgin” Art retailer incentive cover
Declan Shalvey “B/W Art retailer incentive cover
Gabriel Hardman “B/W Art retailer incentive cover

Rob Benton is in hospital and his secret is about to be revealed. But there’s another secret that he doesn’t even know he has, and now Marietta Chesler, possessed by the spirit of something from The Other Side, is coming to tear it out of him. Across town, Jeff Dumont has quietly returned from Tibet, even as The American Spirit is circling Blackcross like a raptor. When Bart Hill, head of the American Spirit case, finds out, he might not think it’s a coincidence — but something else is already stalking Bart…

BSGDOA06-Cov-A-MayhewBattlestar Galactica: Death of Apollo #6
Dan Abnett (Writer)
Dietrich Smith (Artist)
MIke Mayhew, Dietrich Smith, Livio Ramondelli (Cover)
Fans & retailers, order the cover of your choice!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

Dietrich Smith B/W Art retailer incentive cover
Aardian Syaf B/W Art retailer incentive cover
Ditrich Smith “Cylon Red” Art retailer incentive cover

Starbuck and Athena have refused to accept that Apollo is gone, and their unsanctioned mission to prove that he survived has led to catastrophic consequences for the Fleet. After years of silence, the Cylons have found humanity again, and are closing in greater numbers than ever before to complete the extinction of mankind.

DresdenDowntown04-Cov-A-SejicJim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Down Town #4
Jim Butcher, Mark Powers (Writer)
Carlos Gomez (Artist)
Stjepan Sejic (Cover)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

Harry, Molly and Mouse have embarked on a journey into the darkest recesses of the supernatural: the subterranean realm known as Undertown. At the end of their path lies the evil power behind the creature that’s murdered two innocent people. Finding and defeating that being will be hard enough—and it’ll be even harder with an uninvited ally along for the ride…

LegenderryGH04-Cov-A-DavilaLegenderry: Green Hornet #4
Daryl Gregory (Writer)
Brent Peeples (Artist)
Sergio Dávila (Cover)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

Sergio Dávila B/W Art retailer incentive cover

Green Hornet and Kato team up with Brass Hornet to track down Lidia Valcallan. But it’s five miles to Breed Tower, they’re on foot, it’s dark, and they’re wearing goggles. Oh, and every gang in the city is trying to kill them!

LookingGroup02-Cov-A-RousseauLooking For Group #2
Ryan Sohmer (Writer)
Lar deSouza, Hawk, Ryan Dunlavey,
Ed Ryzowski (Artist)
Craig Rousseau, Agnes Garbowska (Cover)
Fans & retailers, order the cover of your choice!
FC • 48 pages • $4.99 • Teen+

Our heroes continue on the path to Kethenecia, but little do they know it will soon lead to the introduction of a major LFG player! While attempting to find and subdue the mysterious entity known as The Shriek, Richard unwittingly stumbles into the meaning of life! Cale finds himself thrust into a war between the Vulii and elvish nation of Gamlon and we witness the birth of the greatest battlecry ever! It’s an action-packed issue that opens doors to the greater world of Looking For Group!

PathfinderOrigins04-Cov-A-SejicPathfinder: Origins #4
James L. Sutter (Writer)
Leandro Oliveira (Artist)
Stjepan Sejic, Leandro Oliveira (Cover)
Fans & retailers, order the cover of your choice!
FC • 32 pages • $4.99 • Teen+

In the sadistic land of Nidal, the god of torture reigns, and terror is a way of life. When the martial artist Sajan tracks his lost sister to the manor of a twisted noble, he has no choice but to break in—and who better to help him than the convicted burglar Merisiel? Together, the two enter the house of horrors, only to discover that getting in is easy—it’s getting out again that’s the problem. Pathfinder co-creator James L. Sutter (Pathfinder: Goblins!, Death’s Heretic) and artist Leandro Oliveira (Pathfinder: City of Secrets) team up to delve into the depths of depravity in a bold new horror-fantasy tale. Contains pull-out poster map and official Pathfinder RPG bonus encounter!

Reanimator02-Cov-A-FrancavillaReanimator #2
Keith Davidsen (Writer)
Randy Valiente (Artist)
Francesco Francavilla, Andrew Mangum (Cover)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

Andrew Mangum B/W Art retailer incentive cover

Mad Science vs. Black Magic! Dr. Herbert West descends into the dark, gator-infested Louisiana bayou to harvest a special chemical that preserves dead tissue… but the macabre Haitian hitman Samedi and his brainwashed Voodoo Girls aren’t far behind. When two zombie masters come face-to-face, an undead rampage is inevitable! Meanwhile, Susan Greene uncovers The Reanimator’s shocking secret… and the Eldritch Krewe, servants to the Elder God Cthulhu, make their move!

Solar12-Cov-A-LamingSolar: Man of the Atom #12
Frank J. Barbiere (Writer)
Jonathan Lau (Artist)
Marc Laming (Cover)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
Marc Laming B/W Art retailer incentive cover
Jonathan Lau B/W Art retailer incentive cover
Final issue! Erica, the Woman of the Atom, vs. a real-life-no-kidding supervillain! Somebody (hopefully!) will survive, because whoever wields the Solar power after the battle is the key to what comes next…

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