Valiant Week Hits the CBI

The best comic book group on Facebook (by far!), The Secret Society of the Comic Book Illuminati, began their celebration of the “Underdogs of Comics” with Valiant Week, a week-long celebration dedicated to everything from comic book publisher Valiant Comics.

Valiant Logo MainValiant Comics represents a different way of thinking about how comic book should be published. While other companies have a shared universe, Valiant’s shared universe avoids the traps and pitfalls that come along with a large cast of characters. By focusing on only a few, well written and drawn series with a handful of characters, quality takes the lead, and it shows.

A brief look at stats on review aggregator Comic Book Round-Up shows just how much quality goes into each issue. Their entire line averages above an 8, and it’s that sort of consistency to quality that keeps fans coming back for more.

To celebrate the awesomeness that is Valiant Comics the Comic Book Illuminati is celebrating Valiant Comics all week long, and they want you to join them.

Comic Book Illuminati (CBI) is a network of pages, ranging from general fandom to Buy & Trade and everything in-between, and it’s run by some of the most passionate geeks on the web.

So, head on over to CBI and join in the Valiant Week festivities.

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