Strap In! It’s Time For SPACE RIDERS #2

How’s it going? Coming out this Wednesday is SPACE RIDERS #2. But since SPACE RIDERS #1 sold out so quickly we also have a reprint of that on shelves. You know what that means? If you didn’t talk about SPACE RIDERS the first time around now is an excellent time to get people excited on the series. SPACE RIDERS #1 has become a legitimate cult hit with fan art coming in all the time, cosplayers beginning to pop up, and at least one tattoo spotted out there. We would like to make it a legitimate “non” cult hit… but we can’t do that without you. Give issues 1 & 2 a read and spread the gospel of SPACE RIDERS far and wide.SR#2



Space Riders #1 Reprint by Ralph NeiseSR#1reprint

SPACE RIDERS #2                                                                                                               Story by Fabien Rangel Jr.                                                                                               Art by Alexis Ziritt                                                                                                               On Sale – 5/13/2015                                                                                                    

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