Review: Secret Wars #1

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Esad Ribic
Cover: Alex Ross

Everything Ends. The haunting phrase Jonathan Hickman has been trying to get me to wrap my head around since his Avengers run started in 2012. The Multiverse is collapsing. The Beyonders have found existence to be a waste of an experiment. There are only two universes remaining: Earth 616 and Earth 1610. The Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe. This is it. The Legendary Heroes of the 616 going toe to toe with the honest husks left of the Ultimate Universe. Prepare for what’s to come. Prepare for the Real Secret Wars.

The Good

As a lifetime Marvel fan and an Ultimate Marvel fan for its entirety, this issue was everything I was ready for and wanted it to be. Jonathan Hickman having written both does a great job picking up the pieces from his Ultimates run and merges it perfectly with his Avengers run. Esad Ribic’s art is glorious, if anyone could make beauty out of tragedy its most certainly Ribic. Hickman’s understanding for maintaining such a big cast and never losing the story is exemplified here in this issue for me. This issue is a lot to handle for those who have read none of Hickman’s Avengers/New Avengers Run, so I encourage you all to read it and his Ultimates Run for kicks, or just read our Secret Wars Primer Series and catch up even faster. Because this issue is so satisfying for having read all of it.

The Bad

The wait for everything that is to come next.

The Verdict

This is a bold move for Marvel to make. A publisher that has prided itself on its long history and maintained continuity. I think it’s in the best hands. It’s rare for me to say the first issue of any event can stand on its own and is probably one of the best issue’s I’ve got to read in a long time, but this is it. This one got me, and I hope it gets you too.

Story 5 out of 5
Art 5 out of 5
Overall 5 out of 5

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