Preview: We Can Never Go Home #2 and Issue #1 goes to second printing

High school crushes, mixtapes, stolen cars, handguns, strange abilities, dead drug dealers, their money, and the highways & backroads of America.WCNGH#2COVER

WE CAN NEVER GO HOME is a love letter to types of story almost no one seems to tell anymore- Crime Road movies like Badlands and True Romance, outcast against the world tales like Pump Up The Volume and Heathers, and character driven adventure comics like Love & Rockets and Stray Bullets.

Artist Joshua Hood’s (JLA: Scary Monsters, Venom) delicate and expressive line work brings the world to life and produces characters who feel human. Amanda Scurti’s colors lend a surreal feel to the world. Series writers Matthew Rosenberg (Marvel’s upcoming Secret Wars: Journal & SHIELD: Quake, Co-Writer Ghostface Killah’s 36 Seasons LP) & Patrick Kindlon (Webcomic Menu) instill a genuine sense of the loneliness of growing up and feeling like an outcast. And Michael Walsh (Secret Avengers, Comeback) covers are just fucking awesome. The end result is a coming of age tale unlike any on shelves today. This is not the happy story that tells the reader “there is a place for everyone, go find it.” WE CAN NEVER GO HOME is the story that tells the reader “sometimes the only thing you can do is run.” WE CAN NEVER GO HOME is about hurting the people you love, getting hurt by the people you trust, and getting through that any way you can.


We Can Never Go Home #1 second printing cover by Joshua HoodWCNGH#1secondprint



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