Preview: Mayday #1

Might Be The Most Insane Comic You Will Read This Year…

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Rising star writer Curt Pires (Upcoming THE TOMORROWS from Dark Horse & THE FICTION from Boom!) teams up with rising star artist Chris Peterson (GRINDHOUSEfrom Dark Horse & upcoming BROKEN WORLD from Boom!) to make something unique. MAYDAY is a chance to go into the truly bizarre world that lives in the shadows of Los Angeles.

A washed-up, drug-addicted screenwriter and a transgender bartender stumble onto a Satanic cult’s plan to sacrifice people all across LA (geomapped in the form of a pentagram, of course) and bring on Armageddon. As our intrepid, damaged heroes embark on a suicide mission to stop the crazy cultists, even they wonder if this is all really happening or if they’re just plain crazy. Probably both. The latest project from Curt Pires sees him teaming with art sensation Chris Peterson for a story that cuts to the very center of Hollywood mythology and depravity itself.


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Mayday #1                                                                                                                               Artist by Chris Peterson                                                                                       Story by Curt Pires                                                                                                     Colors by Pete Toms
On Sale 4-29-2015



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