Review: Quantum and Woody Must Die! #4

Writer: James Asmus
Artist: Steve Lieber
Colorist: Dave McCaig
Letterer: Dave Lanphear
Cover Artists: Mike Hawthorne, Jordie Bellaire, Sina Grace, John Rauch

Valiant Entertainment

This was such a fun story arc to read. We got to really explore a dynamic of superherodom that is seldom done. What if the team was just two brothers and their dad? What if they were step brothers? What if they weren’t the same color? What if the dad was a pregnant super goat? These are the questions that need to be asked in today’s comic book world!

Seriously though, this was a fantastic arc written by James Asmus. He’s attempting to give Valliant’s odd couple more depth (which is hard with these two). Quantum finally gets a chance with a woman, Woody finally understands that they are their own worst enemy (as told by an enemy), and the fact that they are about to be brothers again to….something. I’m still scratching my head as to why this isn’t being written in to a movie within the new Valiant movie universe is beyond me.

The art in this series by Steve Lieber brings me back to the time when I first started liking comics. Bold lines, subtle nuances drawn in the backgrounds, etc… And the colors by Dave McCaig were just as great as ever. Brilliant, fluid tones that were vibrant and fun to look at. Suicide sloth? Great job guys! I almost dropped my phone over that one!

I usually do not say much about the lettering in most comic reviews, but the lettering in Q&W are the exception. Dave Lanphear has found probably the best way the curse in comics, all while skipping around anyone who might be inclined to call foul on using language. His use of art to express words instead of language…brilliant, sir. Just brilliant.

In final notes, this isn’t the last of us seeing our pals Quantum and Woody. They are not done bouncing their way around the pop culture side of comic books. Plus…I want to see what came out of goat!

Rating: 5/5


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