Review: Ninjak #2

Writer: Matt Kindt
Pencils: Clay Mann
Inks: Seth Mann
Colors: Ulises Arreola
Letters: Dave Sharpe
Storybook Sequences: Raul Allen
Cover Artists: Lewis LaRosa, David Baron, Dave Johnson, Pia Guerra, Raul Allen, Das Pastoras

Valiant Entertainment

“Book 2”

It seems Valiant has their own Bat..hmph ahh. No not even close. Better than that other guy. Ninjak has surpassed him as my favorite brooding, lethal badass. He has literally covered all the angles of this op. Almost…

Matt Kindt is killing it lately over at Valiant. Makes me wonder if he sleeps. No wonder he hasn’t shaven, he has no time to! Anyway, Matt has killed it once again! It is now clear to me that the events happening in Divinity are happening outside of normal space/time. Matt, you crafty devil! I was wondering how Ninjak was in two places at once!

The art team of Clay and Seth Mann, and Ulises Arreola on the first story, (first story…man Valiant is brining back everything I used to love about comics), is fantastic. Especially the splash page of Kannon’s inner sanctum. And on the second story (…still geeking out here), Butch’s lines with Ulises’s colors were worth the issue alone.

“The Lost Files”

Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Butch Guice
Colors: Ulises Arreola
Letters: Dave Sharpe

Matt takes us back to the beginning, perhaps before the blotted out line on the first page.

This story still reminds me of my favorite espionage movie “Black Rain”. Agent who doesn’t know what to do really until he’s in the thick of it, has a love interest, but the story just short enough to keep you salivating until the next issue. Once again, Matt kills it.

Valiant is making great strides into introducing us to new elements of storytelling, while at the same time, reintroducing us to some elements long forgotten by the rest of the industry (variant covers, rewarding readers who are whole heartedly fans, and boisterously proud to be so). This is a new comic renaissance, and I’m glad to be a part of it!

Rating: 5/5


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