Path to Convergence

Alright, folks. DC’s big summer event Convergence begins this week and it promises to shake everything up in the DC line. Some of you may not be too familiar about the events leading up to Convergence so I took the time out of my busy 2 am usually devoted to video games and Netflix binge watching to give you an in depth look at what you need to know/ read if you want to truly know the full back story to Convergence.


Now, Flashpoint doesn’t directly tie into Convergence like some of the other books that I am going to talk about here, but this story still plays a very large role in why Convergence is coming about in the first place. For those of you unfamiliar with the story, Flashpoint is the story that created the New 52. The Flash, still angry and depressed about his mother’s death and his father getting blamed Flashpoint #1for it, decides that he will run back in time and save his mother’s life. Unfortunately, by doing so he also changed everything else in the DC universe. Aquaman and Wonder Woman are now power hungry dictators engaged in a war with each other which could very well destroy the world, Superman was found by Lionel Luther and kept in a tube for basically his whole life, and for some reason Batman is going around and killing people he doesn’t like with guns. In the end, the Flash runs back in time and stops himself from saving his mother, thus stopping himself from screwing everything else up. unfortunately, the Flash didn’t take into account Pandora, one of the Trinity of Sin who really doesn’t matter at all except for this part, who screws up the timeline again by throwing all of the Vertigo and Wildstorm universes in with the DC universe thus creating the New 52. All of that was to just basically say that this event is the genesis of everything in the New 52 and starts all of its time travel, multiple timelines, multiversal nonsense that will eventually lead to Convergence. You may also want to get to know this story because a lot of the Flashpoint characters are set to return in Convergence.

Superman: Doomed

First off, this is a stupidly long and drawn out event. While surprisingly not terrible, Superman: Doomed for the most part is skipable and only really notable because of the ending which directly leads into Convergence. In the end of Doomed, Brainiac invades Earth with a massive invasion fleet and the only way Superman can save everyone from not only Brainiac, but also himself since he is infected with a Doomsday virus, is to imprison himself and Brainiac in a black hole. Of course Superman manages to  get free and lose the Doomsday virus because… well… he has like four Superman Doomedor five books he headlines in. Yeah, DC was a little vague on how he healed himself, but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that the black hole sends Brainiac between universes. There he can see every universe and every timeline from before the original Crisis on Infinite Earths all the way to the New 52. The kicker here is that someone also speaks to him. You never see this other speaker, but his word bubble looks just like the pre-New 52 Brainiac’s word bubble.

Future’s End: Booster Gold #1

Booster Gold is the most important character in the DC universe that you have never heard about. He is a janitor from the 31st century that decided to steal a Legion ring, which gives him super powers, and travel bacFE Booster Gold #1k in time to try his luck out as a super hero. Somewhere along the way, Booster actually becomes the protector of time and a mysterious place called Vanishing Point with his son, Rip Hunter. Vanishing Point is a strange fortress sitting at the end of time. This is important because from the looks of it, Brainiac is torturing Booster Gold to find the Vanishing Point’s location and succeeds. The Vanishing Point has always been a mysterious place and its full power is not known, but I think it is safe to say that Brainiac will use it to help him collect all of time and space.

The New 52: Future’s End and Earth 2: World’s End

These two weekly books from DC are probably the most direct path to Convergence, or at least The New 52: Future’s End is. World’s End is is more indirectly connected, but its event directly lead into Future’s End and is filled to the brim with multiversal madness. Future’s End is filled with a ton of little stories that interconnect, but the main one to pay attention to here is the Frankenstein story. Frank is sent into space after Stormwatch, a new addition to DC from the Wildstorm universe that is a team tasked with protecting the Earth from alien threats, goes missing. While on his mission, Frank and the Atom encounter Brainiac, but this isn’t the Brainiac that we know. That Brainiac was but a small part of the true Brainiac. I think only a picture can adequately convey this new Brainiac.

Anyways, Frank and company manage to escape big Brainiac and make it back to Earth. Unfortunately for all involved, Brainiac followed and attempts to collect New York City. The most interesting part of this is that when a quick tempered Hawkman decided to attack the giant head on Brainiac zapped him with a beam which sucked between universes. In the process, Hawkman gains full knowledge of his other lives in all of those other universes and remembers Shiera, aka Hawkgirl, his lost love who has been missing since all the way back to Brightest Day.

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