T.G.I.C. Podcast: Episode 006 for 03/25/2015

The comic book Geeks at Outright Geekery get together every week to discuss the newest comic book releases. We talk the good, the bad, and the rest, as well as any comic book news that may come down the pipeline. Recorded every Sunday night at Comix City Too! in Madison, Tennessee.

‘This Geek In Comics’ Episode 006 for March 25h, 2015.

On this episode of T.G.I.C. we cry about New Avengers #32, marvel at Darth Vader #3, wonder about Image Comics week, talk about so many comics, and more.

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This Geek In Music: Mumzees

Track Name: Digested
Album: Heavy Desert

On March 31st, Broken Hip Records will release the debut, full-length album from psychedelic art-punks The Mumzees. The album, Heavy Desert, will be available on CD and cassette in independent record stores, and is now available for pre-order on all major physical and digital music outlets.

Described as ‘a shot of pure, adrenalized garage rock’ by Nooga.com, The Mumzees’ wailing guitars and reverb-drenched moans evoke images of dark and forgotten highways, the ghosts of Southern small towns, and snake handling preachers shouting fire and brimstone at the altars of GG Allin and Hunter S. Thompson. A collision of Old Testament fury and acid-soaked psychedelia, Heavy Desert carries the torch of Southern garage rock stalwarts The Black Lips and Jay Reatard.

Check out this week’s This Geek In Music artist here.

Thanks as always to HotSauceAndCoffee.com for hooking us up with great new music each and every week, and be sure to support local music in your area.

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