Review: Deathlok #6

Writer: Nathan Edmonson
Pencils: Mike Perkins

Nathan Edmonson’s Deathlok has been the kind of Deathlok title I’ve been waiting for my entire life. Henry Hayes the latest in the Deathlok legacy, one of the few who is not from an alternate future, thinks he’s a medic for rescue relief for major disasters. But is actually a weapon for a private cell that uses him to complete priority missions. Up until now Henry was completely unaware he was Deathlok, simply thought he was saving people form tsunamis and earthquakes. However after an assault in his normal life Henry finds himself completely aware that he’s Deathlok and for the sake of his daughters life has to commit to everything he stands against.

The Good

Perkins and Edmonson knock it out of the park in this title. Deathlok looks like the scifi military book it needs to be. Perkin’s design for the new Deathlok is absolutely spectacular, more cyber soldier of fortune rather than future cyber zombie guy. I feel like I haven’t said enough about how much I’m enjoying everything Nathan Edmonson has been writing lately. I wasn’t a huge Deathlok fan prior to this title, in other titles sure, but never felt he was worth his own title. This iteration has my full attention.

The Bad

This issue has once scene that just feels awkward and out of place, and totally took me out of the book for a second. The scene where Henry’s daughter is speaking to her teacher just felt a little forced. I’m aware Henry has to maintain being Deathlok for the sake of his daughter but I didn’t need a reminder in a awkward bad grades moment. Like all of his current spy/military Marvel titles, you feel like youre in the dark a lot. Which if you like spy/military stories is fine. However if you’re like me its a tough switch from heroes to spy stuffs. So it felt like an awkward stumble when I started. I know he’s got a lot on his plate between Punisher and Black Widow but I would love more Deathlok every month.

The Verdict

This title is awesome everytime. Deathlok has always been one of those characters I could never really get into as much, but this title is just plain awesome. If you are looking for an intense scifi military story this is what you’ve been looking for and it is good. Nathan Edmonson has been really on fire lately and deserves your attention. Take it from a guy who hates the Punisher, doesn’t care for Deathlok, and wasn’t sure about a new Black Widow title, and I reading all three first thing each week they come out.

Story: 4 out of 5
Art: 4 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5



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