Review: Red One #1

Red One is a another new series from Image Comics that came out this week. It’s bought to you by the team of Terry and Rachel Dodson and writer Xavier Dorison. The story of Red One is set in 1977, the Soviets have sent a spy to the United States to pose as a superhero. Why? They believe if a religious puritan movement happening in the U.S. gets a political foothold, the Cold War could potentially heat up. So, a decision is made to counter it and maybe help spread a little Communism to the United States. Enter Vera Yelnikov, our Russian spy, chosen by her superiors to pull off such a task.

The Good

The comic was an absolutely great read from the first page. The promo material for Red One promised that this series would have a very Tarantino film aspect about it. And for once, I’m inclined to agree. Red One certainly has 1970’s exploitation film vibe about. Xavier Dorison has paced out the first issue wonderfully. From beginning to end I enjoyed the story. It never felt like it was being stretched out to fill a page. There are fun moments of dialogue between characters and brief action sprinkled in, nothing over the top but just the right amount.

Knowing that Terry and Rachel Dodson are the artists for this book, you’d expect some great artwork. I, certainly, was not disappointed. No denying Terry Dodson can draw beautiful women. However, one thing I thought that was well done was the pacing for the panels. The introduction of the series villain, the Carpenter, was one of the best sequences I’ve seen in a comic in some time. It was down right beautiful. There’s definitely a 70’s aesthetic to the artwork, something about it reminds me of those old photos that my parents had from back then.

The Bad

Maybe it’s just me, but there are a couple of television shows that has a similar premise. You know the ones… Russian spies living in the United States, posing as a happily married couple with the 2.5 kids and a Ranch-styled house somewhere in the suburbs. Definitely lacking that superhero angle. If it wasn’t for those shows, I could shake the feeling that Red One is jumping on a particular bandwagon.

The Verdict

Red One is the first comic series of 2015 that could be a surprise hit. I think it’s definitely worth picking up copy. Red One has a lot going for it, a great story and stellar artwork. The book is genuinely fun. I’m already looking forward to the second issue.

The Score

Art: 5 Out of 5
Story: 5 Out of 5
Overall: 5 Out of 5

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