T.G.I.C. Podcast: Episode 005 for 03/11/2015

The comic book Geeks at Outright Geekery get together every week to discuss the newest comic book releases. We talk the good, the bad, and the rest, as well as any comic book news that may come down the pipeline. Recorded every Sunday night at Comix City Too! in Madison, Tennessee.

‘This Geek In Comics’ Episode 005 for March 11th, 2015.

On this episode of T.G.I.C. the geeks talk Dr. Doom, Avengers, Star Wars, Dr. Doom, Bill & Ted, Dr. Doom, and, did we mention Dr. Doom?

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This Geek In Music: The Colored Parade

Track Name: I’m Indestructible
Album: …And The Walls of The City Will Shake

Andrew Adkins is a former member of Dualtone recording artists Mellow Down Easy and Werewolf Heart Records artists Lions for Real. As a songwriter, Andrew’s songs has been hailed by critics from No Depression, Vintage Guitar and Maverick UK magazine as “one of the most original styles in the last decade” and a “breath of fresh air” for their unique sound and blend of influences. His mixture of Americana, blues, country, tinges of folk-rock mixed with compelling lyrics has evoked comparisons to an array of artists from Steve Earle, M. Ward, Arcade Fire to Beck. Andrew recently has been co-writing/producing with Nelly/Jason Derulo producer Sidney
Swift. He has had songs on ABC, DirectTV, MTV and USA network. His song “I’m Indestructible” will be featured in the upcoming Ethan Hawke, Milla Jovovich film, ‘Anarchy’, to be released Spring of 2015.

Check out this week’s This Geek In Music artist here.

Thanks as always to HotSauceAndCoffee.com for hooking us up with great new music each and every week, and be sure to support local music in your area.

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