Review: Divinity #2

When to begin? Seems some time has passed since the last issue (but time is not absolute with this guy). The whole world now knows of this “Divinity”, but, at this point in time they do not know if he is friend or foe.

(See our preview for Divinity #2 here!)

March really is Matt Kindt month with this issue, Unity #16, Ninjak #1, there’s no stopping Matt from giving valiant readers a great month of reading.

The art team of Trevor Hairsine and David Baron do a great job of expressing Divinity’s happiness, his regret, and his annoyance. The colors were breathtaking, and the pencils we’re done so well I felt like I was sitting in the room with him.

The covers to the series really make it stand out on the shelf, from photorealistic, to simplistic. This is one of the major draws for the book.

In the end this was a great read, merely for the fact that it opened up Divinity’s world a little bit, and we start to see his place in the valiant universe. It’s going to be a long wait until issue #3.

Rating 5/5


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