Review: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 5.13 “Forget”

***Spoiler Alert*** A lot of weird stuff happened, so you probably should go watch it.

We are two episodes in since Rick’s group has joined the peaceful community of Alexandria and while some seem to be adjusting well (Maggie and Michonne). Rick, Carol, Daryl and Sasha seem to be having a harder time living with the locals. The episode focused mostly on their path to “normal living,” which seems to have proved to be rocky for some. This week had a lot going on and there is so much to discuss.

First let’s talk about Sasha. This episode focused on how she is still reeling from her brother’s death. She has a hard time sleeping, especially when being taunted by their new house’s old ghosts. The pictures of smiling happy people bother her enough to use them for shooting practice. Maybe, it reminds her of a world that has been easily forgotten. Those people in the photographs could never exist in her world today, or so she thinks. Of course, Alexandria seems to be blinded by the jungle outside. At Deanna’s welcoming cocktail party, Sasha is astonished by the attitudes of the people and has a meltdown. She can’t understand how their greatest worries include what to make her for a meal. It is ‘old world problems’ clashing with her group’s ‘new world mindset.’

Rick seems to be adjusting well at the beginning of the episode. He clashes a bit with Deanna on their lack of security, but they quickly hash out some new terms. Including keeping a shooter in the watchtower 24/7. It wasn’t until the cocktail party, that he started to act a bit strange. No one can deny that the presence of Jessie has put Rick in a position he has never really been. During the party he kisses her on the cheek, but it wasn’t as innocent as one would think. Rick had a forceful stare, like I thought he was going to throw down Judith and grab Jessie like he was some sort of barbarian. After that, every time he looked at her, I felt like he might as well have been one of those creepy scavenger guys, claiming ‘mine.’ The only complication to this budding ‘romance’ is that Jessie is kind of claimed in the martial sense of the word. By the way, what is with that guy? He was a total creep on his porch the first night Rick was in Alexandria, but he seemed like a decent guy at the party. At the end of the episode, Rick shoots a very obsessive look at the couple walking down the street, as he even grabs for his gun. Seriously, Rick? WTF? If only this show had inner monologues!

Meanwhile, Carol has continued her innocent act in hopes to get access to some of their locked up gun (as discussed with Daryl and Rick). She coyly acts dumb around some of the male residents and even volunteers to make cookies for the party. It gives her the access to leave a window unlocked, because no one suspects the sweet woman to do anything suspicious. Last week, I thought Carol’s act was pure genius, but this week it seemed to take a very dark turn. While breaking into the supplies for their guns, Jessie younger son follows her because he is in love with her cookies. Nothing was creepier than Carol telling the kid he will wake up to find himself dead on the other side of the wall. (That is sugarcoating her crazy monologue!) It felt like she was two steps away from going all “look at the flowers” on the poor kid. Needless to say, that he is lucky that he got the choice to live and even enjoy his very own batch of cookies. So, that will probably blow up in her face soon, unless she decides to make good on her promise.

Daryl had a very interesting journey in the woods with Aaron, which lead to the saddest moment of the episode. Together, they attempt to track down a black horse named ‘Buttons.’ It is a reminder that there is still some natural beauty in the world. Until that beauty is cruelly taken away and over run with walkers that rip poor Buttons to shred. (For someone that finds an emotional connection with anything with a cute name, this was harsh.) If only he had let Daryl save him, he would be the most spoiled horse in the world. Anyways, Daryl is still skittish around most of the townsfolk, but finds a bond with Aaron. On his way back from almost going to Deanna’s party, Aaron invites him to his house for spaghetti. Aaron wants Daryl to be a recruiter for Alexandria and even offers him a motorcycle to do it. Daryl agrees, I suspect primarily for the motorcycle, but also for the freedom to explore the area more.   He is natural loner and is good at reading people, so this job seems perfect for him. He is the only one in the group I wouldn’t be worried about getting himself killed.

Final Thoughts:

This whole episode was about adjusting to a new world, but for some it seems like it is going to be a lot of work. Michonne seems to be putting all of her faith into the community, even hanging up her faithful weapon of choice on her wall. (Still, is there for easy access.) Rick and Carol are something to worry about and for once it isn’t about their welfare. Gradually through the episode I found myself feeling bad for the unsuspecting townsfolk, who seem oblivious and weak. The only one that doesn’t is Deanna, who I suspect, knows more about the group’s intentions than she is letting on. This change is perspective has me questioning if Rick’s group is beyond repair. Maybe they are the wild animals that just can’t be tamed. Or maybe they just need some more time in paradise. Finally, what is with that zombie with the letter ‘W’ carved in its forehead? It seemed super ominous, just saying.



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