Review: ‘The 100’ Episode 2.15 “Blood Must Have Blood, Part One”


Last week, the group had successfully taken down the defenses of Mt. Weather. At the beginning of this week’s two part finale, Lexa and Clarke’s plan is going off without a hitch. Bellamy frees the captive Grounders inside, gearing them up for a fight. Indra and Octavia make their way through the mining tunnels, where they plan to escape with all of the newly freed people. Clarke and Lexa wait outside the main door of the mountain with an army. While Raven and Wick take down the power through the dam. Everyone is in place so, what could go wrong?

In a last ditch effort to find the missing “44,” Cage makes an announcement to his people, telling them the truth about why the kids are so important. He makes his officers search every living area and declares those who have been hiding them as enemies to the state. Jasper and Maya surrender when the officers threaten to shot the couple they have been staying with. They take them into custody, shooting the couple anyway. With the help of Bellamy, Vincent (Maya’s Dad) takes down the officers and saves Jasper, Maya, and Nathan. Maya decides to go with Bellamy and Jasper, while her father takes the others to the harvest chamber. On their way they find Monty safe, who tells them the officers know about the breach in the harvest chamber.

Wick and Raven run into a snag when a dam worker finds them and calls for backup. Clarke grows restless waiting for them to cut the power, so they could make their way underground. Lexa discusses the possibility of Clarke coming to live at the capitol with her after they win the battle. Clarke coldly says, “I can’t think past today.” Ouch. Cage pleads with Dante to help him save their people. At first, Dante says no, but changes his mind, thinking that the Grounders would eradicate everyone inside. Finally, Raven and Wick are successful, but the Mountain men attack Clarke before they blow up the door. Lexa takes some of her men to sneak up on the shooters in the trees, leaving Clarke and Lincoln to push their way towards the door. The shooting finally stops and Lexa and her group come out of the trees with a captive Lt. Emerson. The main door opens to reveal the captured Grounders waiting behind.

The sight of Lexa’s people confuses Clarke and Lincoln. Lexa reveals that she has made a deal with Emerson, to sacrifice the “44” for the safe return of all her people. She tells Clarke that she made the decision with her head and not her heart, leaving Clarke stunned. Lincoln tries to argue, but is overtaken by Lexa’s guards. Bellamy, Jasper, Maya and Monty make it to the harvest chamber to find it completely empty except for Vincent’s dead body. After hearing the retreat signal, Octavia refuses to leave the mining tunnels without seeing her brother. Having disobeyed her direct order, Indra tells Octavia she is no longer her second. Having survived the blast they created, Raven and Wick find themselves surrounded by armed Mountain Men. Still standing in front of the now closed entrance to Mt. Weather Clarke declares, “It can’t be over.”

My thoughts:

A lot of things happened on this week’s episode, but we should expect nothing less from the show’s season finale (part one). Clarke’s plan hit a couple of snag, but everything seemed to be working out. That is, until the curveball of Lexa’s betrayal.

Who is really to blame for Lexa choosing the easy way out? First, Dante stepped up, after Cage’s irresponsible leadership left them in quite the bind. He came up with the idea, giving Lexa the option to save her people and retreat. It wasn’t like they were doing the Grounders a huge solid; they are no longer needed now that they have the “44’s” bone marrow. He still thinks the Grounders are complete savages who would have killed every innocent person in Mt. Weather. In his mind, he did the only thing he could to save his people. He shouldn’t take full responsibility for Lexa’s decision. Mostly, I blame Clarke.

While waiting for Raven and Wick to kill the power, Lexa reached out to Clarke. She wanted to know if there was a future there, but Clarke shut her down quick. Honestly, the decision to screw over Clarke’s friends, I believe, was grounded in Lexa’s hurt feelings. It probably made her realize she shouldn’t have had those thoughts in the first place. Which is why she told Clarke that she didn’t make the decision with her heart. Things could have been a lot different if Clarke shared Lexa’s feelings towards her.

Clarke should have seen this betrayal coming. Now, the stakes are even higher, leaving it all up to Clarke. She won’t give up on saving her friends and will no doubt do something kind of reckless and stupid to make her way inside Mt. Weather.

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