Review: Rat Queens #9

After a three month hiatus that felt like forever, the Rat Queens are back! With the departure of artist Roc Upchurch from the series, the Rat Queens future was in question. Luckily, artist Stjepan Sejic stepped in for the series and the comic will continue on. Issue #9 picks up where issue #8 left off, Palisade is under siege by Geggir and the many-tentacled dieties that Dee’s family worship. Our heroes regroup and press on, in a last ditch effort, to save Sawyer and Palisade from possibly the end of the world. Just another day in the neighborhood for the Rat Queens.

The Good

It’s good to see the series back on shelves again. I have been enjoying Rat Queens over the last year.The series has been missed over the last few months, thankfully writer Kurtis J. Wiebe stuck by his Rat Queens and bought them back. I hope to see the sex, drugs, swords and sorcery continue on, which has made Rat Queens such a fun read.

Stjepan Sejic! Hats off to him for taking on the artist duties. Sejic’s artwork is always a favorite at Outright Geekery. His studies and teases for the Rat Queens were top-notch. Knowing that Sejic works on several titles a month, for him to step in as the artist for Rat Queens means a lot the fans of the series. The fans are definitely looking forward to what he’s going during his brief stint.

The Bad

I’m so stoked to see the Rat Queens back on the shelves that I’m going to forgive that one week delay.

The Verdict

The Rat Queens is currently in the middle of its second story arc, certainly not the best place for new reader to jump on. But this issue has been worth the wait. Pick up this issue and see what the fuss is about. Let’s welcome Hannah, Violet, Dee and Betty, along with the rest of the Rat Queens crew back.

The Score

Story: 4 Out of 5
Art: 5 Out of 5
Overall: 5 Out of 5

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