Review: ‘The 100’ Episode 2.14 “Bodyguard of Lies”


First, let’s briefly recap last week’s episode (Episode 2.13 “Resurrection”) :

The aftermath of missile leaves Clarke feeling a bit guilty (Abby doesn’t help matters). Marcus gets stuck underneath piles of rubble, but is saved by Abby and Octavia. Jasper’s group prepares to defend the floor of Mt. Weather they have taken over. Cage has too many men and weapons, but the group manages to escape thanks to Bellamy. Maya’s dad and other opposing Cage help hide them for the time being. By the end of the episode Abby realizes that it was too harsh to judge her daughter when being on the council has lead to similar hard decisions. Indra reconciles with Lincoln. Clarke is told by Abby to not “forget that we’re the good guys.”

On to this week’s:

Jaha’s journey to the “City of Light” is stalled thanks to his group walking on an active mine field. He loses two people in the process, but sees it as a test of faith. They are stuck in the middle of the field until they see bright lights coming over a nearby hill. They presume it is what they have been searching for. Clarke is still contemplating her guilt and seems to be pushing Lexa’s buttons. She questions her own role as a leader, especially when Octavia confronts her about the bombing of the village. She knows that Lexa and Clarke knew about it before the missile landed. Lexa views this as a major problem and orders one of her guards to kill Octavia.

Bellamy’s days of roaming Mt. Weather are coming to an end when Cage finally catches on. He still manages to get inside the ‘Acid Fog’ chambers with the help of Raven, Wick, and Maya’s Dad. Knowing that there are people willing to help Jasper’s group, Cage announces to his people that they killed ten soldiers in cold blood. Raven and Wick almost kiss as they work to help Bellamy cut the fog.

Clarke catches onto Lexa’s plan and saves Octavia. Afterwards, she opposes Lexa and they argue. Clarke calls her weak for never showing her feelings for anyone. Lexa tells her that she has feelings for Clarke. Later, she calls off the assassination and they kiss. Clarke pushes away and tells her that she isn’t ready. Raven and Wick help Bellamy stop the fog and they have celebratory sex. Unfortunately, Cage is monitoring Bellamy and his people find a way to reverse the damage and activate the fog. Thinking that that the area is safe, Lexa and Clarke move in closer to Mt. Weather. Bellamy is ambushed by several men, but manages to escape, blowing up the fog tanks in the process. The Grounder’s army is getting closer to Mt. Weather and Cage has nothing to defend his people with.

Jaha is disappointed to see that the bright lights over the hill was just the sun reflecting off a field of solar panels. Murphy shows his frustration the only way he knows how, by throwing a rock at one. A small drone appears and they decide to follow it, thinking it will lead them to their destiny.

My Thoughts:

I feel like there were a lot of things that came out of left field in this episode, especially in matters of the heart. Raven and Wick got together, which didn’t seem like that crazy of a plot line. I figured there was something there when he constantly ragged on her, but also took the time to make her a leg brace. I pride myself being ahead of the curve when show’s roll out their ‘OMG’ moments. However, I was a little caught of guard when Lexa kissed Clarke. I never saw Lexa as being a person with ‘feelings.’ To me, she is a robotic warrior who doesn’t let things like that get to her. Well, apparently Clarke has gotten to her and it has changed her outlook on being a leader. Which may not be a good thing, depending on how you look at it.

Lexa changed her mind about Octavia because of Clarke (signs of flip-flopping are never good for someone in her position). There are still Grounders that don’t like the Sky people and if they find out that their high commander’s infatuation, they may think she is too weak to be a leader. Now, she has put this pressure on Clarke to reciprocate those feelings and what happens if she doesn’t? Will the alliance break? Or maybe if she does, it will help humanize the Grounders more? Give Lexa a new outlook on leadership? It will be interesting to see coming into the season finale. My guess is that whatever will happen is not going to result in a ‘happily ever after.’


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