Review: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 5.10 “Them”

**SPOILER ALERT** Not much happened this week, but still.

Not a whole lot happened this week, but there is much to discuss. The show was a little slow paced, but that doesn’t mean that the group is out of danger. They are put in the very real situation of being emotional drained, weak, and hungry. It also doesn’t help that they don’t really have a definite place to push forward to.

Maggie is finally grieving for her sister’s death and possibly Hershel’s too. It has been three weeks since Beth and they are just sixty miles outside of D.C. They have run out of gas, food and most importantly water. It really seems like everyone is in separate places emotionally. Daryl, Maggie and Sasha are all still reeling from the deaths of Beth and Tyreese. They are in their dark place and it seems like everyone else is just trying to be as supportive as they can. Carl gives Maggie a broken jewelry box, the typical one complete with pink ballerina. She thanks him and isn’t rude unlike her interaction with Gabriel. It is Carol’s turn to motivate Daryl (he has done it quite a bit for her in the past). She says, “You have to let yourself feel it.” He obviously would rather burn his hand with a lit cigarette and have a good cry.

The group has so little energy that even the walker killing is half-assed. They take advantage of the naturally clumsy walkers and push them off a nearby cliff. Sasha’s way of coping is similar to when Tyreese dealt with the death of his girlfriend. She is thoughtless and angry, and ends up nicking Abraham while killing a walker. Michonne, having enough of her carelessness pushes her to the side. They have a stare down. Things get a little more uncomfortable.   Later, Sasha doesn’t even blink before killing a pack of rabid dogs, but at least they have some food now. As a dog lover, I did find the image of a bloody dog collar with tags disturbing, but would expect nothing less from the show. Glen tries to give Maggie a pep talk saying, “We fought to be here and we have to keep on fighting.”

It’s the silence, the lack of energy that is keeping everyone in this state of no hope. They find a bunch of water with a note saying “from a friend.” They are rightfully suspicious and don’t dare to drink it (though Eugene tries). Luckily it rains, bringing the first spot of prospect in a long while. The rain quickly turns into a storm, but the group takes shelter in a nearby barn.

While in the barn, Rick tries to encourage the others. “We do what we need to do, then we get to live.” Rick says, followed by, “We are the walking dead.” OMG, he said the title of the show. It only took five seasons.   Rick has been through enough dark places; it is only fitting that he try to help everyone else fight through this one. Daryl doesn’t seem happy to hear his phrasing and attempts to storm out of the barn. The only problem is that walkers are practically at their doorstep.

Everyone, including Sasha and Maggie brace the door close. It is like a really f***ed up bonding exercise. Eventually it is morning and everyone appears to be safe and sound. Maggie and Daryl talk about how strong Beth was; he also has fixed her jewelry box. Maggie and Sasha wake to find that the storm had taken care of the nearby walkers, but had somehow kept the barn intact. They watch the sunrise as they discuss their feelings of hopes lost. A guy named Aaron steps out of the nearby woods; saying that he is a “friend.” Right then, the jewelry box Maggie had opened to show Sasha starts playing. Seriously unsettling. Aaron knows Rick’s name (creepy, creepy, creepy) and says he has good news. Awesome?

My Thoughts:

First off, I don’t trust anyone that looks like they just stepped out of an Eddie Bauer ad in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Luckily, judging by the commercial for next week’s episode the group doesn’t like the cut of his jib either. Yeah I just said that. Other than that, I always have mixed feeling about these post-death episodes. Part of me wants to yell at the screen, “SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE DIED! GET OVER IT ALREADY.” Then I remember that at some point of surviving so long, they probably start actually believe that everything will be ok. Well, of course its’ not, but I don’t blame them for having hope.


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