T.G.I.C. Episode 1 (02/14/2015): The First One

The comic book Geeks at Outright Geekery get together every week to discuss the newest comic book releases. We talk the good, the bad, and the rest, as well as any comic book news that may come down the pipeline. Recorded every Sunday night at Comix City Too! in Madison, Tennessee.


T.G.I.C. Episode 1 (02/11/2015): The First One

This week, on This Geek In Comics, we celebrate the new beginning, go to the Dark Side just a bit, wonder what the hell happened at the end of Spider-Verse (in more way than one), get into Critical Hit from Black Mask Studio, and marvel at writer Jason Aaron.

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This Geek In Music: Brother Lover

Track Name: In It 2 Win It
Artist: Brother Lover
Album: Brothers & Lovers
Hometown: Nashville

Brother Lover is Nashville’s answer to aggressive, hard rock. They have been playing live shows locally (in Nashville) for the past three plus years, and just released their second, self-titled EP. They’ve played all of the local hot spots for exposure and have made quite an impression on everyone they’ve played in front of, as well as the bands they play with, strengthening their foothold on the local scene.

Their second self titled album release party was earlier this week at The End, and the band gave away free copies of the compact disc at the event, insuring that anyone that supports them live, would walk away with a tangible form of their best work yet. We look forward to watching Brother Lover get even bigger and better with each show they play, and every song they release.

Just out the band’s RevebNation page here, thank as always to HotSauceAndCoffee.com for hooking us up with great music each and every week, and be sure to support local music in you area.



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