Review: X-Men #24

After her second issue in charge of the all woman X-title I’ve decided to break my review silence and let everyone know that this is gonna be one of those really inspiring runs that might go unnoticed because it starts at such an arbitrary place in the series. G. Willow Wilson is owning this title. She’s taking on characters as a long time X-Fan I’m very attached to and she’s writing them like a second nature, like she’s been doing it longer than anyone. Storms X-Men are splintered in the dark in a cave that seems to be a mutation itself. With the backs against the wall. This will have you on edge the entire time!

X-Men #24Publisher: MARVEL COMICS
(Writer) G. Willow Wilson (Artist) Roland Boschi & Various (Cover) Terry Dodson
• Trapped deep underground in the sinkhole that mysteriously appeared in the middle of the Black Rock Desert, STORM battles her claustrophobia while trying to find answers.
Rated T+
Item Code: DEC140938
In Shops: 2/11/2015
SRP: $3.99

The Good

Wilson’s character work is absolutely brilliant. The way she’s fleshed out storm in the last two issues post Wolverines death has been honestly the most real depiction. This issue though she hits it out of the part with my favorite member of this team Betsy Braddock, Psylocke! Not since Remender was writing have I felt like writer was totally in tune with a character! I’ve been on this series the entire time. Its had arguably one of the most powerful teams in X-Men history and yet has yet to go all the places I expect it. I can now say I think Wilson is the writer to take this team to all the places I’ve waited for. She has most of my favorite X-Men in her hand and I can say I honestly think she’s gonna deliver with this team

The Bad

If I’m being honest Roland Boschi is a little hit or miss for me. In the normal nit and grit world of Ghost Rider he has served as an amazing artist to tell such a story. However I feel like the art and the story are on different worlds. Now don’t get me wrong the issues looks great but I’m not entirely sure if Boschi and Wilson have the right sync for the kind of story I feel Wilson is about to tell with this title. My biggest problem is that this creative team comes late to the series with out a renumbering. In today’s Issue One obsessed comic culture, one would assume with a G. Willow Wilson taking over a big time property like X-Men she would get a #1 on her first issue in charge. I feel like not enough people are touching this because of how late in the game she reaches this title.

The Verdict

This issue completely sold me on what Wilson’s run is gonna be like and I’m completely on board. Like some of my fellow Outrigt Geekers(is that a thing? I’ve been away too long.) I love her work with Ms. Marvel and think this is gonna be one of those runs that lay tons of the kind of character work we will debate for a while. If you like the X-Men this is a good one. What I should say If you like Psylocke, Storm, Monet, and Rachel Summers(Grey I think now?) this is your book. Because true X-Fans know its not every X-Title, its the one with your favorites

Story 4 out of 5
Art 3 out of 5
Overall 3.5 out of 5


One thought on “Review: X-Men #24”

  1. I agree that Wilson does some great character work here, especially with Psylocke and Storm. I do think the ecological event/cave/experiment plot is a little weak though.

    As far as a new #1 goes, i suspect it has been kept in the current numbering as Wilson is only slated to write 4 issues.


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