Review: ‘The 100’ Episode 2.12 “Rubicon”

**SPOILER ALERT** Stuff happens, I talk about it, so you should probably make sure you have already watched Wednesday’s episode before you read it.

In this week’s episode, Jasper’s group fights to stay alive, Bellamy finds a new ally, and Clarke is reminded of how much it sucks being a leader.

When Clarke let go of that officer from Mt. Weather, she only gave him six hours of air supply to make the eight-hour walk.  At the start of “Rubicon” the officer is panicked and running through the forest.  He doesn’t seem to make it in time, but a man (not safely in an containment suit) saves him right before he runs out.  It is Cage AKA the new President Wallace who apparently received his treatment of delicious bone marrow and is outside taking in the sights.  Good for him, I guess.

Since being locked up, Jasper’s group seems to be a little on edge.  Dr. Tsing goes to their dorms heavily guarded and picks her next victim.  It is a nameless character, who eventually dies, but hey at least it isn’t Jasper, Monty, or Miller.  When Jasper demands that she stop, she tells them, “I hope you know you’re all incredibly special to us.”  Well, if you put it that way, go ahead and drain of us of all our bone marrow.

 Clarke is stressing out because none of their plans seem to be working out.  Instead of her going to the Grounder’s meeting with Lexa, she sends Marcus. Abby and Marcus finally get word that Jaha has left for the “City of Light” with twelve of their people.  They don’t have the resources to send anyone after them.  Speaking of Jaha, his group has made it to the dead zone, where they find a stranded woman named Emori.  Thieves who have also killed her brother have robbed her of her supplies. Jaha requests Murphy to give the woman some water, one of the other men in the group protest by grabbing at Murphy.  “Touch me again and I will end you…” he says, but sees the disappointment in Jaha’s face quickly adds, “in a non-criminal way.”  Emori offers to take them to the “City of Light” and Murphy takes a liking to her.

 With the help of Raven, Bellamy finds some air duct tunnels to squeeze through in search of Dr. Tsing’s lock up/bone marrow depot.  He quickly finds it, overhearing Cage talk to the captive officer about Clarke’s message.  Cage knows about the meeting with the Grounder’s leaders and has planned to send a missile their way. Clarke goes off to the village to warn Lexa and the rest of the Grounder’s leaders.  Octavia is also at the village with Indra and is still unsure about Lincoln and Bellamy’s fate.  Indra tells Octavia to stop caring so much because she is a warrior now.

 Murphy gets a little close to Emori, telling her about his past.  She shows him her hand, which is seen as a “stain on the blood line” because it is deformed.  It is the reason she is travelling to the “City of Light,” to be accepted, just like the family that took Jaha in when he first landed.  Back at Mt. Weather, Bellamy goes undercover as part of Dr. Tsing armed men.  He sneaks Jasper a gun and tells him to get everyone prepared the next time the doctor comes.  Jasper tells him to find Dante, so Bellamy takes the captive Wallace his dinner. While he isn’t sure how he can help, being locked up and all, he helps Bellamy buy some time.

 Clarke makes it to the village and speaks to Lexa privately about the missile.  Lexa tells her that they must sneak away with alerting anyone.  Knowing that if they evacuate the village, Mt. Weather will know that they have a spy on the inside.  Clarke fights the decision, but Lexa tells her, “This is war, people die.” Clarke chooses to go with Lexa plan, making a quick escape into the woods until she sees her mother walking through the village. She quickly runs back to save her, even though Lexa disapproves.

 Emori betrays Jaha’s group when she threatens to kill Murphy if they don’t give up their supplies.  Jaha tries to reason with her, but in the end gives her everything.  Before she knocks out Murphy, she whispers something in his ear.  When he wakes, the man from earlier tells Jaha they should go back to camp.  Jaha doesn’t want to stop, especially when Murphy tells him what Emori whispered in his ear.  Jaha, Murphy, and few others head ‘due north’ while the others head back for camp.

 While on lookout, Octavia finds Lincoln in the woods.  He hasn’t gone back to full ‘reaper’ mode yet.  He thinks he got Bellamy killed and tells Octavia that he is done fighting the what he is. Octavia tells him that Bellamy is alive and that if he wants to give up he should go die alone like a coward.  Basically, get it together Lincoln. Clarke practically drags Abby out of the village just enough to not get hit by the blast.  Abby quickly realizes that Clarke knew about the missile and is not happy with her decision to sacrifice a whole village.  She tells her “You crossed a line…their blood is on your hands.” Ouch.

 Dr. Tsing comes back to the dorms and tries to choose Monty as the next lucky participant.  Jasper pulls out his gun and shoots one of the guards, hitting his bulletproof vest.  A fight breaks out, but the guards overpower the group.  Dr. Tsing decides to take Jasper instead because she is sick of his attitude, obviously. While at the elevator, the doctor and guards start to turn red.  Bellamy has found a way to create a containment breach with the help of Dante and Raven.  All of the officers fall over, while Dr. Tsing tries to escape on the elevator.  Jasper blocks the door from closing and repeats what the she told them earlier, “I hope you know you’re incredibly special to us.”  Then he watches as she dies a horrible death. Jasper for the win!

 Cage visits Dante in hopes he will tell him who leaked the radiation.  Dante doesn’t give up Bellamy, taking all the blame for the breach. Cage can’t believe that he would kill his own people and Dante can’t believe his son would sacrifice his soul to get outside.  Instead of killing his father, Cage forces him to take the bone marrow treatment.  In the last few minutes of the episode, Octavia and Lincoln look down upon the aftermath of the missile, which has wipeout out the village.  Clarke is nearby also, to see the same grueling image.

My Thoughts:

 I don’t care what anyone else says, but it looked like Murphy was seriously into Emori. He never seemed to genuinely smile much (expect when he was murdering people). That is until he met Emori, but he can’t ever seem to catch a break.  Hopefully, Jaha will keep pushing him to be a better person.  I am routing for you, Murphy! It was kind of, ok really, satisfying to see Dr. Tsing die this week.  From the get go she was shady and after finding out she planned on harvesting the group in Mt. Weather, I really couldn’t wait for this day to come.  Clarke and Abby’s relationship hits another rocky point, but it is almost more surprising when they aren’t butting heads. While Abby totally understood Clarke’s decision to sacrifice Finn, she couldn’t believe that her daughter could make the decision to kill off a village.  I see Abby starting to really not like Lexa and Clarke’s budding friendship.  Basically, Lexa is that friend your mother doesn’t quite like.  You know, the one your mother blames for giving you your first cigarette because she can’t face the fact that you could be capable of making stupid decisions by yourself.  I said it before, I will say it again, Abby seriously needs let Clarke do her thing.


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