The Netflix of Comics is Finally Here

Two different press releases (see below) were put out buy two different comic book publishers that, when combined, makes for a comic book subscription service on par with Netflix as a movie service. Scribd, the online book subscription service that allows users to read thousands of books for only $8.99 a month, has just added thousands of comics, including titles from big publishers.Both Marvel, Top Shelf, and IDW have all jumped on board, making Scribd an easy choice for comic book fans wanting to catch up on some classics and recent titles. The official releases are as follows.


IDW Publishing & Top Shelf Partner
With Scribd To Add Unlimited Comic Books
To Its Subscription Service 

Scribd today announced that it is expanding its leading global subscription reading service to include unlimited access to more than 3,500 comic books from IDW Publishing and Top Shelf Productions. This offering represents the first time IDW and Top Shelf digital comics have been made available in one unlimited digital subscription service.

IDW and Top Shelf’s entire digital backlists will be available via Scribd’s subscription service with all new issues becoming available as early as a month after initial print release. Fans will have an exciting new avenue in which to enjoy IDW favorites from TRANSFORMERS to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, MY LITTLE PONY to Star Trek, along with hit series such as Locke & Key and 30 Days of Night just to name a few. Top Shelf fans new and old will have access to acclaimed series such as MARCH and graphic novels by creators Alan Moore, Jeff Lemire, Eddie Campbell and more.

As a special offer to IDW fans, Scribd is offering a FREE 2-month trial. This promotion runs from 2/10-2/17 so sign up today!

“IDW and Top Shelf have been considering subscription models for comics for some time,” said Jeff Webber, IDW’s Vice President of Digital Publishing & Business Development. “Scribd came to us with the perfect opportunity to offer the entire catalog to fans and new readers. Time for some binge-reading!”

Readers will have the ability to browse comics in a variety of ways, allowing long-time fans to dive deep and find what they love and new readers to explore comics:

  • By Character – Character pages allow readers to follow their favorite characters through their series and guest appearances.
  • By Series – Readers can browse by title and read entire series from start to finish.
  • By Curated Collection – Readers can browse over 100 expert-curated collections of comics.

The addition of comics and graphic novels, along with other recent eBooks and audiobook deals, increases Scribd’s library to more than one million titles, representing the largest unlimited-access offering of eBooks, audiobooks, and comics globally.


 Unlimited Access to Hundreds of Marvel’s Collected Editions Starring Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk and More, All for $8.99 per Month

Marvel Comics today announced that it has partnered with leading subscription reading service Scribd to provide readers unlimited access to hundreds of Marvel’s collected editions starring Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, the Hulk, and more. This offering represents the first time Marvel Comics will be available via a subscription service alongside other content forms including eBooks and audiobooks.

“For decades, a driving force at Marvel has been the desire to put comics in the hands of new readers,” said Daniele Campbell, VP CRM. “Our partnership with Scribd allows some of Marvel’s greatest stories to sit alongside Scribd’s already vast and eclectic catalogue of content in an effort to reach readers who might not have access to a comic shop.”

“This partnership gives us the opportunity to not only bring devoted comic fans into Scribd’s world of unlimited reading, but also to introduce the entire Scribd community to the world of comics,” said Julie Haddon, Vice President of Editorial and Marketing at Scribd. “We’re excited to broaden our subscription service so that readers can discover more than books.”

Marvel fans will have the ability to browse hundreds of Marvel’s collected editions on Scribd by category, subcategory and custom collections curated by Scribd’s editorial staff:

  • Top Characters – Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, the Hulk, and more
  • Classic Comics – Classic runs of the Avengers, the X-Men, Daredevil and more
  • Major Creators – Mark Waid, Ed Brubaker, Brian K. Vaughan, Grant Morrison, and many more
  • Hit YA Titles – Ultimate Spider-Man, Runaways, Young Inhumans
  • Award Winners – Acclaimed graphic novels by artists from Alex Ross to Moebius
  • Curated Collections – Classic Marvel Moments, Heroes of Color, Spotlight on Jack Kirby, and more

Scribd is at the forefront of efforts to develop and shape the industry for the digital age by making it possible for readers to enjoy unlimited access to comics across all mobile, tablet, and web platforms.



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