Advanced Review: Rai #7

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment
Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Clayton Crain
Cover artists: Clayton Crain, Raul Allen, Raphael Albuquerque

“Eve of destruction”

With the events in the past issue, New Japan is set to tear itself apart. In this issue, tensions escalate as a major player decides to move things along, and benefiting from both sides of the conflict. There is evil in Rai’s midst, and it may not be just “Father”. Check out our preview here.

Matt Kindt’s writing dutifully draws a deep breath, holds it, then yells “charge!!!”. He also makes us gasp as some truths are told, and makes us wait excitedly with baited breath as a few new players to this chess match are introduced.

Clayton Crain once again keeps our frontal lobes firing with his breathtaking panels, making the reader’s eyes dart from side to side, just so that all the information is downloaded and processed (kind of something that would happen in Rai’s world). From the battleground to the scorched earth every bit is flawless and beautiful.

The cover art, however, is what this issue is all about. Rai, beautifully detailed, stands ready to either attack, or defend. But always in the middle.

In short valianteers, this issue is where it is at. Everything starts at this point. Rai is on the comics scene, and there is no stopping him at this point. Valiant is making some bold moves and Rai is no exception.

Rating: 5 Out of 5


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