3 Questions About Spider-Man Moving to Marvel Studios

We wonder. We ponder. We think. And that leads to the search for knowledge. I only have three questions! (Editor’s Note: There are always more than 3 questions)

Spider-Man LogoThe Internet has cracked in half with the news that Marvel Studios and Sony have come to terms that allow Spider-Man to appear in the Marvel Movie Universe, joining the ranks of the Avengers, The Inhumans, and all those other characters. We’ll see a Spider-Man solo flick, Spider-Man will appear in Captain America: Civil War, and his future in the MCU is finally secured. But this leads to a plethora of questions about the news, but I only have 3.

Mechanical or Organic Web-Shooters?

“This isn’t a big deal,” you say. You’re wrong! While there’s nothing wrong with organic web-shooter whatsoever, the lack of mechanical web-shooter suggests a less-than-brainy version of Peter Parker, and that IS a big deal. Living in the same universe with big brains Tony Stark and Bruce Banner kind of puts Peter’s own scientific prowess in the back seat. All of Marvel’s films up to this point haveIron Spider-Man Suit been about both the hero and the person behind the hero, and Peter’s character in these films is going to be just as important as Spider-Man’s, if not more important.

Organic web-shooters suggest Peter is not a scientist/engineer while mechanical ones do. Is he going to be yet another skilled scientist in a universe full of them, or will this aspect simply be ignored in lieu of other, more important aspects of the character? Will Tony Stark find a new buddy in Peter after the Hulk vs. Hulkbuster aftermath? Will we see the Iron-Spider Suit?

Will Spider-Man Unmask During the Civil War?

Easily the biggest moment of the Civil War comic event, Spider-Man coming out to the public was a huge deal for the series, the character, and the publisher. But that Spidey had decades of hiding his identity from the public that put the action into a significant context. This is not the case with Spider-Man in the Marvel Spider-Man Unmasks Civil WarCinematic Universe. He has exactly ZERO time onscreen in the MCU. Is that enough time to really cement Peter’s reasoning for hiding his identity in a way that makes the audience give a damn?

There’s certainly an opportunity for Marvel to change the entire landscape of their current stable of screen adaptations making up the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Will Spider-Man flashback (see below)? Will he show up at the end of Age of Ultron? Will he be mentioned in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or even some of the Netflix shows? There’s a lot of chances for Marvel to build up the idea of hidden identities in their movie-verse, but will they, and will he?

Will Marvel Change Their Movie Continuity?

Basically, how will Spidey enter the universe? He could debut in chronological order, doing his own thing in his solo movie after the events of Civil War. He could have a ton of cameos in other films that leak hints as to what he’s been up to since he gained his powers. His own film could be a series of flashbacks, filling audiences in on his Spider-Man in Avengersorigin, his part in the Battle of New York, an early meeting with Nick Fury that places Spider-Man in the thick of the Hydra vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. story that’s already a huge part of the overall story being told, and so many other things.

Surely Spider-Man got his powers before we see him in the 3rd Cap film, but how long before that was Peter bitten? Will Spidey be revealed as an unknown member of The Avengers who was fighting aliens during the Battle of New York? What other tie-ins will we see in the long buildup to this epic moment? I want to know!

One thought on “3 Questions About Spider-Man Moving to Marvel Studios”

  1. 1. mechanical shooters, please!

    2. Considering how many problems the unmasking caused, I vote for Spider-man intending to unmask but then deciding against it in the last moment.

    3. Current continuity. That is the one point I am ready to bet on. Marvel will want Spider-man to stay as young as possible as long as possible.

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