We’re Going to ConGT and So Should You!

The ONLY Dr. Who exclusive Con in the Nashville/Middle-Tennessee area, it’s ConGT, it’s coming March 13-15, and Outright Geekery will be there covering the convention from top to bottom. The floor, the cosplay, the panel, the guests; we’ll be bringing you coverage of the event all weekend long. But, we’d much rather you be there in person to join in on the fun with us and the rest of the Whovians. And it’s never been easier!

ConGT logoConGT has extended early bird ticket pricing until the end of this week (February 14th) so head on over to the ConGT website for pricing, stay tuned to Outright Geekery for all the ConGT news, and get your daily fix of Dr. Who on ConGT’s official Facebook group page.

If all goes well with the Tardis, we’ll see you March 13-15.


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