Review: Rai #6

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment
Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Clayton Crain
Cover artists: Clayton Crain, Cary Nord, Miguel Sepulveda, David Mack, Jeff Lemire, Matthew Wilson, David Baron

The battle lines are being drawn. Pawns are being put into position, and actions are being taken to secure the future of New Japan. The seedy underbelly of the pristine tranquility that is New Japan is about to come out into the limelight. Positronics seek freedom, Raddies seek tech independence, Momo seeks revenge for genocide, and the humans seek to return things to the way they were and father is behind it all & Rai is caught in the middle.

Matt Kindt writes us into a situation in this issue. His superb writing puts us readers in the position where I feel that I’m about to make a choice that I don’t want to make and may soon regret. It’s writing like this that makes reading comics an awesome pastime.
The visuals by Clayton Crain really make the reader feel that they literally are walking through a scene from Isaac Asimov taking notes silently as we watch the events unfold. From the brights of the upper levels to the dark lower levels of new Japan beautifully laid out for us to traverse across from panel to panel. Racing across the issue like a scene from Blade Runner.

So, before I go off on a wild tangent let’s just say that the Rai team at Valiant plan to take us on a ride. And with what is being shown and with what is coming up I for one can’t wait.

Rating: 5 Out of 5

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