Advanced Review: Divinity #1 (of 4)

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment
Writer: Matt Kindt
Art: Trevor Hairsine
Covers: Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic, Tom Muller, Butch Guice, Lewis Larisa

How do I explain this? How do I write a review on a book… like this? Easy. This book encapsulates the very reason why I read comic books. But trying to put thoughts like this to paper…is still tough. Check out our preview for Divinity #1.

Matt Kindt does a perfect job of establishing where this new to the valiant universe character comes from. His roots, his experience, his reasons for being who he is. This is a man whose beliefs are more than what this world can contain. The background is perfectly crafted to give the reader the reasons behind the launching of a man into deep space.

The cover art, however, is what initially draws my eye to this book. The photo realistic artwork is literally out of this world. The interior art perfectly compliments the work on the outside. Each panel draws the eye in a fluid motion. Top this off with the rear extras as I said before…this is why I read comic books.

So, in short, all this fantastic writing, artwork, extras, and 34 pages all at standard cover price? This is why Valiant Entertainment is leading the new comics Renaissance we are currently in and exactly why I am a proud Valianteer.

Rating: 5/5



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