3 Questions About DC’s Creator Changes

We wonder. We ponder. We think. And that leads to the search for knowledge. I only have three questions! (Editor’s Note: There are always more than 3 questions)

DC recently dropped news about some new titles and some old titles getting a shakeup to their creative teams, and I have a few questions about the changes.

What will Gene Luen Yang bring to Superman?

Superman #32
He’s pondering these same question

Gene Luen Yang is my kind of fan! He’s a computer science professor. He speaks at conventions and universities around the globe about graphic novels and comic books. He began a Master of Fine Arts program for writing children and young adult content. He’s a geek’s geek! He’s well-read on the classics, but understands the current audience. But Superman is a difficult character to write. He needs one foot firmly planted in his roots and one in the modern day, two periods that have never been further apart.

While Batman continues to dominate DC’s sales, the equally well-known and (presumably) beloved Superman needs a resurgence and needs it very badly. Can Gene Luen Yang breathe new life into arguably the greatest comic book character of a generation, in this generation?

Will putting a novelist on Green Arrow work?

Green arrow
His head hurts from thinking too hard

Green Arrow had one of its best runs in the history of the character end with the exit of Jeff Lemire from the title. Like the end of a lot of great creative runs, the title has since to find a good footing with fans, and DC seems to have noticed. But DC is taking a ‘Something Old/Something New’ approach with the creative team. Putting veteran artist Patrick Zircher on the book is a great idea. His art and style is just good comic art, and it will work well in the book. Writer Benjamin Percy is a novelist by trade and is relatively untested in the comics realm. Giving him a high-profile character like Green Arrow brings up a lot of questions, but only 1 important one.

What will Ben Percy bring to Green Arrow? He’s promised a “dark” story, which doesn’t say much, but I have high hopes that this will be the start of an amazing comic book writing career.

 Who is going to be on Justice League United?

Justice League United 1
They are looking at you Geoff Johns

With all of these new additions making news headlines it’s easy to miss some things that are just missing from the list. One of those things was the lack of a creative team for Justice League United. This is, yet another, title brought to us by the migrating Jeff Lemire, and, like Green Arrow, he’s leaving behind some big shoes to fill. The team was full of characters that Lemire himself reestablished as new fan-favorites, and changes are certainly underway. I just don’t see anyone else pulling it off the way Lemire did. But there was something else missing from this announcement. Well, not missing entirely.

What else is Geoff Johns going to write? He’s got a single book now that he’s moved away from Superman, and I just don’t see him sticking with only Justice League. If Johns was writing two JL titles, however, he could do something truly amazing, and bring in a lot of readers of both titles into the League fray. It could even be reminiscent of  what Jonathan Hickman did with his Avengers titles. Is Geoff Johns going to write 2 Justice League titles? Will they tie together if he does? Will it lead to the next big thing at DC?

I need answers. Do you have any? Let us know in the comments.

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