The 5 Series We Want Bendis on Next

MBrian Michael Bendisarvel’s resident creative mastermind Brian Michael Bendis will once again be on the move later this year. First, he revolutionized the Avengers to the point of Hollywood Blockbuster powerhouses, then he did the awesomely absurd with time-traveling and terrorist X-Men heroes. Later this year Bendis will be moving away from his current X-series and moving on to something else. Where he’s going is still a mystery, but we have a few series we’d like to see him tackle next.

Luke Cage

Luke CageLuke Cage is one of Bendis’ favorite characters, and while we’ve seen Cage headlining in some team books, he has yet to be done in a solo book by Bendis. After Secret Wars everything is on the table, and it wouldn’t be difficult to build Luke Cage from the bottom up (literally!) as he makes his heroic journey from street level vigilante to helicarrier inhabiting hero. We’re sure to see Jessica Jones (another Bendis fav) in some “team-ups” and maybe even Danny Rand. Power Man & Iron Fist? Maybe!


This is half obvious and half awesome! It’s very likely that the Ultimate Spider-Man Mile Morales Ultimate Spider-Man #4will be moving into the Marvel Universe “proper” (we’re going to eventually need a term for that) and even more likely that Bendis will be writing his series. But, if Peter Parker also makes it through Secret Wars intact there could be a need for two Spider-books, and why not have Bendis do them both? Or they could combine the two creating a Spidey-team-up sort of title, but either way Bendis will be doing a Spidey book.

Nova Corps

Nova CorpsBendis works really well with teams, and likes to have easy access to a really big scope, and there’s no cooler team with a bigger scope than the Nova Corps. The galactic police force falls right in line with the writer’s current Guardians of the Galaxy title, the Corp have been missing from the Marvel U for way too long, and Secret Wars is just the thing we need to bring them back in epic grandeur. Heck, Bendis could bring back the entire Marvel Galactic line! And we still can’t get a good Legion book…

The Defenders

The DefendersNetflix will be rolling out 4 series starring solo characters in the next few years, culminating in an onscreen TV team-up a la The Avengers sometime later. The Defenders, as the team will be called, may as well have its very own comic book series too. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist would make for a really good team, too! This one may be the least likely of all the choices, but it’s definitely a team Bendis could write well, and the timing couldn’t be better.


InhumansDon’t call them the new mutants, but the Inhumans are set to eclipse the X-Books in a big way. The X-titles may not go away altogether, but there’s a bunch of Inhumans titles slated for this year. Bendis could get on an all-new Inhumans title starring a team or even a single character. The sudden influx of Inhumans could even give Bendis a new character to mold as he sees fit and, with the backdrop of the big change coming post-Secret Wars, that could truly mean anything.


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